Sry didnt see any threads for all post here beside my other post!!! Ive got 2 accounts for sale....

1ST Account is a premium account..which means you got no gold can use 4 of the 6 characters (unless you go VIP than you can use all 6 character!!!)..This account has 6 characters!!!

1. LVL 50 RUNEKEEPER ELF...(special character had to use turbine points to open him)...officer in 4 rare mounts..20 or more rare wardrobes for all characters!!!...45 slot bank..10g to start with..about $150 dollars worth of turbine store buy goodies!!! All Shared vault for all characters!!!...hes a westfold forester...(highest you can be)...Expert tailor...Hes got top armour, jewllery and weapon!!!...Plus 320 destiny points Hes an Elf..etc..

2. LVL 41 WARDEN MAN...(special character had to use turbine points to open him)...Westfold tailor and kindred with tailor guild..(highest lvl you can be in crafting)...Westfold forester...and Supreme Prospector...4 rare mounts...45 bank gear, best armour, best jewellery and best weapon for his lvl you can get!!!..and alot more!!!

3. LVL 31 HUNTER ELF...Westfold Weaponsmith highest you can be...Supreme Prospector...45 slot bank best armor, best jewellery, best gear, and best weapon for his lvl...and alot more!!!

4. LVL 28 CAPTAIN MAN...Officer in Kinship...2 mounts...Supreme Jewellery...Master Prospector..45 slot bank..Best armor, Best Jewellery, best gear and best weapon for his lvl and alot more!!!

5. LVL 18 BURGLAR MAN...1 mount..45 slot armor, best jewellery, best weapon, and best gear for his lvl...and alot more!!!


ALL CHARACTERS on this account come with shared vault...20 or more rare LOTRO store bought wardrobes...$150 dollars worth of LOTRO store bought goodies in total...10g total too start you its a premium account so no gold cap and you get more auction house slots..8g housing for all characters..rights too kinship house!!!alot of rare mounts and wardrobes...So if your looking for a awsome account cheap this is the one for you!!!...Like i said you can move this account too a european server if you ask LOTRO...Theres alot of high end crafters so you dont ever got to worry about money on this account..there so much more!!!...


1. LVL 46 GUARDIAN MAN...almost lvl 47 was and is waiting to get promoted back to leadership of a 3 page lifespan 10 kinship (Im the founder of the kinship)..120 slot banking...kinship house...8g housing for all characters on this account (fully decorated)...5 rare mounts..Westfold Metalsmith and kindred with metalsmith craft guild..highest you can get in crafting...(makes tons of gold)..Plus has ton of materials for crafting and all recipes (25-30 gold worth)...Westfold Prospector... Master Tailor...20 or more LOTRO rare wardrobes...over 100 dollars in LOTRO store goodies...Best armor, best jewellery, best weapons and best gear for his 120 gold or alot more..AWSOME TANK!!!

2. LVL 32 LOREMASTER ELF...Supreme Scholar..75 slot banking...20 rare wardrobes...4 rare mounts...6 different armor, best jewellery, best weapon, and best gear for his lvl...Lots of materails for scholar..and so much more!!! Fun character to play!!!

3. LVL 21 RUNEKEEPER...(LOTRO STORE BOUGHT CHARACTER)...Officer in kinship very rare Dusky Numblefoot Goat mount (LOTRO STORE BOUGHT)...20 rare Wardrobes...2 other mounts..75 slot armor, best weapon, best jewellery and best gear for his lvl...very fun character too play and very tuff to beat in pvp!!! Plus so much more!!!

4. LVL 15 HUNTER ELF...Westfold Woodworker and kindred with crafting guild...all recipes (30 gold worth)...alot of materials for crafting...Westfold forester...75 slot banking...2 armor,jewellery and weapons for his lvl...20 rare wardrobes...and alot more!!!


This account comes with VIP access...4000 or more turbine points to open the newest expanion...100-150 gold...lots of rare mounts...tons of banking room...8g housing (fully decorated) for all characters...kinship house worth 20g...well respected on server!!! Soon to be the leader again of a 3 page lifespan 10 kinship..officer role characters...3-4 highest lvl crafters and harvester you can get...all characters are decked out in the best gear you can get for there lvl...tons of crafting materails..all 5 characters have 30 slot auction house..(that are all full of stuff being sold)...this site makes tons of gold and has so much more!!!..EMAIL ME AT [email protected] for more info or prices!!!...PLUS ABOUT 100 GOLD WORTH OF ITEMS ON CHARACTERS AUCTION SLOTS AND IN BAGS!!!..AND TONS OF CRAFTING MATERAILS!!!..EMAIL ME AT [email protected] do bank transfer or theres no problem with payment or you getting your account!!!..P.s after payment..account info will be emailed to you so plz leave email info..2 hr max delivery Thx Perk.


Looking to sell a lvl 65 Barbarian with very rare War Mamoth ..this character has rare armor..rare jewellery..rare weapon..and gear..lots of rare items and materials..has the Fading Black horse mounts...104 veteran tokens...Its a premium account...Crafting..Weaponsmith Adept..Gemcutter novice...Gathering...Prospector Artisan...Weaver Artisan...Skinner Artisan...Stonecutter Artisan...Woodcutter Artisan..and Miner Artisan..This account is a great account for someone who wants to jump right in...hes a very tuff pvper and very tuff character with awsome gear and tons of materials in his bags..Plus the price is very cheap!!!.EMAIL ME AT [email protected] do bank transfer or theres no problem with payment or you getting your account!!!..P.s after payment..account info will be emailed to you so plz leave email info..2 hr max delivery Thx Perk.

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