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    DreamAion 5.8 EU Private Server

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    Website: Dream Aion: Omens of Ice - Aion Private Server
    NCsoft 5.8 Client

    - Drop and loot system from monsters (we also have a custom drop system)
    - Normal & Flight Teleport.
    - Player name, legion, face, gender change.
    - Player friend and duel system.
    - Spawn protection.
    - Different skill types: damage/heal/DOT/HOT/buff/debuff/transforms/traps/mantras- Aethertech/Robot.
    - Full items support, equipments, potions, food, stones, etc.
    - PvP, group, Instance- Rifts system.
    - Siege system.
    - Channels, Instances and Crafting support.
    - Gathering process and gather skill level up.
    - Godstone socketing and effects.
    - Private shops.
    - Zone manager with drowning/breath area working.
    - Summons and servants.
    - Enchantments.
    - Trader Broker- Item Remodeler
    - Player command .skills.gmlist .dye .movie .clearmail
    - Chat server and channels
    - Mount
    - New Item Bracelet
    - New CP Point System- New Chain skill System
    - SKill Skin System
    - New Equipment Upgraded System
    - Poeta and Ishalgen visualy has been changed
    - Added Minion- Added Bracelet
    - Added Estima
    - Added Atreian Beastiary
    - Added Arena of Tenacity
    - Added Crucible Spire
    - Evergale Canyon battlefield- Bastion of Soul
    - Trials of Eternity
    - Dredgion Defense Battlefield
    - Archdaeva Skill
    - Equipment Set
    - Skill Skin
    - Enchant Rates of equipment has been changed, Now More like official.
    - New godstone effect.

    - Working Skill Officially Like
    - Balance Stat/No Stat Editing
    - Stigma System- Premium / VIP Account Services Officialy
    - Active Siege Battle
    - Landing Battle- Stonespear Legion Siege
    - Arena Battle- Crucible Battle
    - Dredgion Battleship
    - Beritra Invansion
    - Agentfight Battle
    - Open Abyssal World Boss- Luna Shop
    - Luna Quest
    - Shugo Game
    - Stigma Charger
    - Skill Enchant System
    - Essence System
    - Archdaeva Skill
    - Archdaeva Transformation Skill
    - Coalescence
    - Aether Forging
    - Housing System
    - Wing Soaring System
    - Crafting System

    Starter pack boundless hope level 75 set with weapon and accessories, with archdaeva manastones +10 and titles/mounts with scrolls and potions
    - PvP 1 vs 1
    - PvP 2 vs 2
    - PvP 3 vs 3
    - PvP 4 vs 4
    - PvP 6 vs 6
    - PvPvE Mix 3
    - PvP Mix 3
    - PvP Mix 6
    - PvP All Enemy
    - King of The Hill 2v2v2
    - King of the Hill 2v2v2v2
    - King of the Hill
    - Capture Beluslan
    - Capture Heiron
    - Levinshor Battlefield
    - Attack Leader: Elyos
    - Attack Leader: Asmodian
    - Survival 1v1
    - Capture the flag 4v4
    - Battle of the Gods
    - FFA Legion
    - Stable Geodata (no lag, ping spikes)
    - Mount Race event
    - Working skill skin
    - Retail drop system
    - All avatar transformations working
    - All skills and instances working
    - Housing
    - Katalam and Danaria map implemented
    - Custom Godstone proc rate
    - Custom enchant rate for accessories and armor
    - FFA Solo Player
    - Open World PvP Map Higher GP (Changed Every day)
    - GP and Tolls from PvP
    - [RvR] Agentfight Battle (Need at least 25 elyos and 25 asmo Online)
    - [RvR] Invansion The Capital (Need at least 50 elyos and 50 asmo Online)

    FFA command .ffa enter
    GM events and rewards
    Lots of PvE content
    No cooldown on instances (PvE as much as you want)
    Custom rates: Go to dreamaion.net/info for rate info
    Free legion level ups (only need 1 member in your legion to level up)
    Ban Ticket System
    Voting reward system
    Donate system
    Arena of Discipline, Chaos, Harmony, Glory
    Seasonal agrints
    Friendly community and supportive staff
    Channels, instances and crafting support
    .world (message) command
    And so much more!

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    Very good server



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