BBSCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for forum members, it will create a route from forum credits to cryptocurrency. 
You can use BBSCoin to exchange forum credits from one forum to another. 
Some Forums' members now mining the coin and pay BBS to get forum credits. And they can get BBSCoin by forum credits also.
You can open your Exchange Market with forum system, for example, install a stock plugin and BBSCoin plugin. Also, you can take advantage of forum plugins to do more things, you can open a bank with bank plugin, issue a lottery with lottery plugin, etc.
We have released forum integrations for SMF, myBB, Discuz and PHPWind, more forum software and website building tools will be supported in future.

Road Map
🚀 First half of 2018 🚀
GUI Wallet for Windows and macOS
Pool upgrade to support the latest Node.js version
myBB integration
SMF integration
One click in browser miner
Online wallet
Online wallet API for Sites
Exchange listing (expecting to be listed in mid March to early April)

🔥 Airdrop 5,000,000 BBS Give Away🔥
We’ve just started our first airdrop, in a bbscoin way! 
Read more about how you can get your BBS and try it in action!

Please make sure you follow our twitter:
Telegram: (thanks to cryptofoundry)
Discord: (thanks to razzeru)
QQ Group (for Chinese users): 8247777

Name: BBSCoin
Symbol: BBS
Block time: 120 seconds
Mining reward(approximately): Decrease every 1/6 supply. 
Init 703687
After 1/6 351843
After 2/6 175921
After 3/6 87960
After 4/6 43980
After 5/6 21990

Pre-mine: NO
Min Transaction fee: 0.001 BBS
Mining algorithm: Cryptonight
Total coin supply: 184,470,000,000

GUI Wallet
Please ensure you are running the latest version: v2.0.2
Windows x64:
Following dependencies are required for windows wallet:
VC 2017 Runtime and Universal C Runtime:

macOS 10.13:
Following dependencies are required for macOS wallet:
brew install qt5

Other *nix plaforum please checkout the source:

Mining Pool
Community: (by anam08, 0.5% pool fee) (by adamsih300u, 1.5% pool fee)

Block Explorer
Block explorer:

Forum Integrations
Official supported integrations: 
MyBB Plugins:
SMF Plugins:
Discuz Plugins:
PHPWind Plugins:

Community integrations: 
BBSCoin wallet for myBB:

Source Code Repository

Official links
Official website:
Readme for Chinese User:

Q: No Pre-mined? Why height 10000?
A:  It's only been 2 weeks since we started the project.
If you follow our Github projects you can see we've been actively working on it. And the Discuz plugin v1.0 Final released to users on Jan 25.
Yes. Some of the coins are mined during the development, however, the amount is so tiny that they shouldn't give anyone disadvantage.
As we continue re-iterating our plugins and get forums to connected. 
We will give away these coins as a promotion.

Q: Why I can't get the reward as above declared
A: This calculated based on Coin Already Supplied = 0
The reward formula is here: (You can check this code in Currency.cpp)
Reward = Total Supply - Already Supplied >> speed_base;
At first, speed_base = 18, every 1/6 supplied, speed_base will increase 1

Q: 184 billion supply is too much. Your coin is worthless obvious.
A: BBSCoin is designed for forums. Credits are inflated in the most of places. We don’t want the exchange rate to end up something like 100k:1. We think this is a good supply for this scene.

Other Languages for this thread
עברית (Hebrew)
日本語 (Japanese)
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
Français (French)
Nederlands (Dutch)

Donation Addresses
To help listing the coin:
BTC: 1Kpqk3BTzFCvyuBZDTbe5Y8o24VA1AQ5Km
ETH: 0x29da788fb4a162e97d64cc0ec1817af35fe14ad1

Special Thanks
Pool: anam08, adamsih300u
Translate: CrimsonEye, visax, caoscan, davey76

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