Our project is called IEX (Internal exchange coin).
Decentralized EXCHANGE/OTC/MARKETPLACE in wallet desktop/mobile

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Protect from high ROI

We don't give out IEX coins for marketing, we don't do make airdrop with IEX coins. At now moment IEX coins can buy only from developers, and on exchange.

Website: IEX - Internal exchange coin
Discord: Discord
Twitter: iexcoin (@iexcoin) on Twitter

Explorer: IEX

Windows 32-bit: https://iex.to/iex-qt32.zip
Windows 64-bit: https://iex.to/iex-qt.zip
Linux 64-bit: https://iex.to/Linux_x64.tar


Ticker: IEX
Type: PoS/MN
Algo: Quark
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Block Reward: 1-1-5-6-3-2 IEX
PoS Reward: 30%-20%-17%
MN Reward: 70%-80%-78%
Total Supply: 100 Million
Premine: 300,000 IEX (10 MN's & rewards will be burned)
MN Collateral: 10,000 IEX
Min Stake Age: 0.5 Hour

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