We are hiring traders with experience in any field of trading for work on American trading platform . All the nationalities are accepted.

- Successful trading background
- Test passing
- Upper-intermediate English

Work conditions:
- Deposit 30 000$+ on a work account for work
- American trading license provided with all the accesses available for American traders
- Flexible work time

- Daily fulltime trading


How should I prove my successful background?
- There is a test you need to pass. This will be the proof.

How can I be sure it is not scam?
- You don't have to invest any money. You will get weekly withdraws of the revenue share

What is the reason you are looking for traders?
- According to the experience, there are a lot of high-performing traders outside the United States whose experience and effort help us to generate a daily income. Currently we have 7 traders from all over the world.

Should I invest my own money?
- No. Neither on the start or during the process you donít have to invest.

What happens if I will fail the test?
- Unfortunately, we cannot proceed in this case. The time you spent for the test can be financially covered though.

If there is any specific platform recruiting traders?
- No. This is a private American investor interested in good performing traders.

How much will I get?
- It will be a revenue share. Percents are negotiable.

Please send your motivation letters to e-mail: [email protected] Telegram @R3R6R9

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