Bitcoin 2 is a A EVM-compatible Bitcoin Fork With Real Time Settlement

Satoshi got a lot right about Bitcoin but a lot has changed since 2008. First off digital scarcity hadn't been discovered when Satoshi created Bitcoin. Now that digital scarcity has been bootstrapped we can make use if it in the protocol as a proxy for Schelling points. This allows transactions to settle in real time and enables token holders to be paid validation fees which make the asset more valuable.

Also, smart contracts didn't exist to the extent that they do today. Bitcoin 2 is an EVM compatible chain which means it has the same smart contract functionality as Ethereum.

Bitcoin 2 was created by the infamous bonermuncher69 and is maintained by an anonymous set of core developers around the world.

What's changed?

Bitcoin 2 Is An EVM-compatible Chain

This will give developers the opportunity to deploy smart contracts on Bitcoin 2. Being an EVM chain allows Bitcoin 2 to leverage all of the existing blockchain infrastructure built around Ethereum. Bitcoin 2 users can use EVM-chain wallets like Metmask and the Ethereum development community can deploy smart contracts to Bitcoin 2 using their favorite development tools.

Bitcoin 2 Settles In Real Time.

Bitcoin 2 has a new validation process to enable a better user experience when interacting with the protocol. Users send transactions to block proposers who include transactions in blocks in real time. That saves users from having to wait to see if their transition will be included in a block or not. Transactions are then validated by Bitcoin 2 token holders after the fact in 10 minute intervals like they were in Bitcoin 1.

Transaction Fees are Paid to Validators
As of 2024 Bitcoin users pay miners about $2M in fees every day. When Satoshi designed the Bitcoin protocol, digital scarcity had not been bootstrapped yet. Now that digital scarcity exists we can pay users for use of their coins in the validation process to build a Schelling point around each block. Turning Bitcoin into revenue generating asset makes holding the tokens more lucrative than Bitcoin 1.

The Software is Rewritten From the Ground Up
Bitcoin the software is not Bitcoin the token or Bitcoin the idea. The core node has been rewritten from the ground up in Rust. It has also been massively simplified where possible.

What Stays The Same:
There Will Only Ever be 21 Million Bitcoin 2 in Existence.
Bitcoin 2 has zero inflation. Validators are paid soley by transaction fees. This makes Bitcoin 2 the most scarce digital asset in existence.

The Set of Token Holders (at the 4th Having)
Bitcoin 2 forked at the 4th halving: block 839,999. Any utxo in that set will be spendable on the Bitcoin 2 network. No new coins will be issued. That means, BlackRock, Micheal Saylor, Jack Dorsey and Elon musk all hold the keys to Bitcoin 2 tokens. Whether they spend them is still to be determined.

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