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17-11-13, 04:33 PM
At the request I decided to post the source code 602 as amended by the audit (at Auvers), inside is nothing special) This is not the same, on which are currently working for yourself. Fixed not compile because of the possibility of multiple errors that caused the unfinished firewall (removed it). Corrected system scan ip (Olympics) since previous did not work, or more precisely was not a working config. And yet walked on the little things, in general, nothing special. Inside is just compile the assembly, I think will find in the folder "buildfullPTS / dist" - for those who do not know how to compile, but then why would they source at all, but not the essence. The data sources are compiled without problems (according to the author)

Chronicles: High Five Size: 99.3 MB


https://disk.yandex.ua/public/?hash=aY9urjoQBB9xZQCf7GlzmSftyK4lUcU2DfrDnkJJEbg% 3D&locale=ru

Dev Jeiko
19-11-13, 10:14 AM
Good share bro keep it up