View Full Version : MMOCoin Wallpaper of the Week Contest - 100 MMOCoin for the winner.

11-08-18, 02:00 AM
In this thread, you can win 100 $MMO for a wallpaper about MMOCoin.
the idea of weekly contests came from deep onion community.

How to participate?
post here:

1- Post a Wallpaper related to MMOCoin (Game related or normal BG abstract etc but MMOCoin logo (https://i.imgur.com/rptjC5s.png) should be included in the wallpaper)
2- Post your wallet address with your post (1 post per participant)
4-If you will add the link to HD version of wallpaper, it will increase your winning chances.

- Every week the staff will pick a winning wallpaper which is most liked.
- Every Sunday we will have a new winner. If you win one week you cannot win the next.
- You must be in our discord
- MMOCoin Logo (https://i.imgur.com/rptjC5s.png) must be included in the wallpaper
- You must have some activity on the forum.