cMangos TBC (The Burning Crusade 2.4.3)

This repack supports Windows x64 only.
Beyond the inclusion of a one click launch system with a portable database, no alterations to the source code were made. This package is a pure build from the cmangos GitHub. The cmangos team has been doing an incredible job on all of their builds and they deserve more attention.
Package Information
Core Version: v0.18.1231
Database Version: TBCDB_v1.7.2453_ANewHope
Full Compiled Date: 08-24-2018
Patch Compiled Date: 08-24-2018
Platform: Windows x64
Database: Stand-alone Mysql 5.7.18
Source Code: Included
Download File Size: 1.17 GB

Database Information:
local host =
user = root
password = 123456
port = 3310
wdb = mangos-tbc
cdb = characters-tbc
rdb = realmd-tbc

ScriptDev2, ACID
Events, Quests, Dungeons, Raids: Scripted and Available
Auction House Bot

1) Full Database Reset
2) Database backup (realm, characters, world)
3) Database restore (realm, characters, *world) restore is disabled with a "rem" by default.
4) Database Maintenance Tool

1) GM Commands
2) Item ID List
3) Quest ID LIst
4) Spell ID list
5) Playerbot Document
6) AhBot Document

How to Play:
1) Extract the contents of the zip archive into a directory on your local hard disk --
2) Execute "!_launcher.bat"
3) Log into the game with one of the following accounts:
1. administrator : administrator
2. gamemaster : gamemaster
3. moderator : moderator
4. player : player

How to Shutdown the server:
1) In the server (mangosd) console type: "save", hit enter, type "server shutdown 5", hit enter and wait for the console to close on its own (no ""). If you ignore this step you could lose some world\character states
2) Database: ctrl c
3) All other windows can be closed normally

How to Create a New Account:
1. In the server (mangosd) console type: account create NAME PASSWORD x
2. the x represent the expansion pack number (Classic = leave blank, TBC = 1)

On Error:
You may need to install the C++ 2017 redistributables from MS. I have also included the file in server->tools->dep->VC_redist.x64.exe

How to patch
1) Extract the patch and overwrite when prompted
... i.e. c:\cmangos-tbc (or wherever you placed it)
2) server->tools cmangos_Apply_Patch.bat
...wait for the "complete" prompt
3) Close the database window with ctrl-c

Patch Error Notice:
Errors will be shown it's normal -- they are fail safe checks not real errors.

Full: Full v01-18-1231 : Compiled 8-24-2018 1.17gb
Patch Only: v01-18-1231 : Compiled 8-24-2018 27.9mb

Optional Downloads
Enhanced Graphics for 2.4.3
1) Extract the graphics patch archive into your 2.4.3 (client) data folder
.. (C:\World of Warcraft 2.4.3\data)

I repurposed the launcher bat files from conan513's SPP series of repacks. Thanks goes to him for his efforts on those amazing projects.

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