Blade and soulRebellion Private Server

About the server:

We currently havetwo servers.

1# BNS Rebellion(2017):

Originates from BNS2017, with the purpose of preservering the old combat system and greatness of2017. Goal of this server is to change, fix and rework all the old zones. Avery nostalgic experience for people that enjoy old school BNS.

- Currently hostedin the EU(Germany/Netherlands).
- Open source
- Developed by thecommunity
- Classes up tosoulfighter
- Content up toVT(for now)
- Online since: May2020

2# BNS RebellionUprising (2020+)

BNS 2020+ withautocombat enabled in all zones.
This server allowsplayers to experience modern BNS on a whole new level, with all contentunlocked.

- Server located inEU, Germany;
- Premium networkprovide low ping and comfortable response in the game;
- New classes:Gunner, Warden, and Archer;
- 3rd Specs for 5classes: BM, KFM, DES, SIN, FM;
- Fixed a lot ofbugs and shortcomings of the retail servers;
- Max level:60(HM50);
- Free Lvl 60voucher;
- Infinite Windwalk;
- All dungeons areavailable in cross-server (F8), with a possibility to proceed solo;
- All types ofarenas are available, including Battlefields and Battle Royale mode;
- Redesigneddrop-lists of all major dungeons and raids;
- Auto-combat modeis available at all locations;
- 3 zones for AFKfarming;
- Overhard mode isavailable for Naryu Sanctum dungeon;
- The Steelbreakerraid is available;
- More than 1000customization items in Hongmoon Store (F9);

How to participatefor free:
Discord for bnsrebellion(2017):
Discord for bnsrebellion uprising(2020+):

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