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Dungeon and Raid Dynamic Player Resurrection is a simple script that add a kind of "Waypoint" when a boss in dungeon or in raid is killed so that player get Resurrected at this point if they die and release there body. this features got implemented on MOP+ by blizzard but they are static graveyard that are unlocked depending on the group progress.
at the moment i wanted to do something really easy to understand and script and use.

here's how it works :
Each time someone kill a Dungeon or Raid Boss it spawn an invisible mob that will stay for 2 hours or until instance got reset. When someone die and release his body after getting atleast one spawn point he will get resurrected at the last spawn point with 70 % of his health and mana. however if no spawn point are created usual graveyard will be used.

Since i do not have VS2015 at the moment i couldn't test it on a recent core so waiting for your replay !

here's the Diff :

Video Preview !

No SQL is Required unless you decide to change the spawn point entry wich is actually (1).

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