As title says, selling module for Azerothcore Crossfaction BG's.

As Crossfaction BG's patches around are not working and break more stuff than should on Azerothcore, months ago my team and i started developing a system, nearly from scratch using as reference old code from several dead projects and some current work from original CFBG by MaNGOS, we built a CFBG module for Azerothcore, having a system, that perfectly does the intended job for Azerothcore.


- Pre add players system re-done
- Queue system re-done completely
- Morphing system from scratch
- Faction update system from scratch
- Team update system from scratch
- CFBG announce system ported and re-done
- Fake races re-done
- Balance system by config file on module
- Shapeshift rework to avoid problems
- Transform rework to avoid problems
- Charm/possesed rework to avoid problems
- Balancing system from scratch
- Language system per fake TeamId/Faction re-done


- No crashes | Tested on server with 600-1000 daily online players
- No morphing bugs
- Not rated arenas bugs (4v0 horde rated)
- Not unbalanced BG's with more players on one side than other
- No shapeshift bugs | No transform bugs
- No charm/possesed faction bugs
- No chat/language bugs.


PTR realm available for any kind of tests with the CFBG module system (we can provide you several accounts so you can test the system as many time you need to before purchasing)

You can ask our already purchased clients about their opinion of our system.

For more details (pricing and so on), contact by private message, future updates to the code will be included for all clients and support for the module CFBG system.

Rude comments and abuses on this post will be ignored.

Thanks, king regards.

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