The script enables an NPC to upgrade items the user have equipped (for now at least) through gossip. An success rate can be set to the upgrade process. The up-gradable item will not be consume on failure, however, the requirements will. The gossip has 4-5 menus.
1. Main Menu
2. Equipment slots.
3. Recipes / Upgrade Information
4. Upgrading Process / Remaining

The reason behind this script was learning C++, therefore improvements, that is code related, are highly appreciated. Features are also welcomed.

The system consists of two files. The script itself and a .sql file to the database with two tables. The .sql file contains test data with commands to add them for trying it out.
When an item is up-gradable it may have multiple recipes, which the system will show to the user (the recipe menu). If it only has one, it goes straight to the requirements.

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