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    WoW Cataclysm 4.3.4 Full Download

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    Full client here

    mirror link :

    Yes, 20 mb is the correct size for this since it downloads while you play.

    ReadMe in English:
    1. Unrar the whole Files and create a new Folder with the name "WoW 4.3.4". <-- Does not really matter with name
    2. Click Wow.exe
    3. A PopUp-Window will open in the upper left corner. Let it load.
    It could looks like, your PC got freezed, maybe is it, but just wait.
    4. If the PopUp disappear, wait some minutes and the Game will start. Do not terminate it, it might look like game froze on black screen, but just let it download everything it needs. It will get you to log in screen. Once there, exit game.
    5. Now check realmlist again, make sure it is set to:
    set realmlist
    set patchlist localhost
    Also make sure all region folders have realmlist(enGB, enUS, deDE, esES,...), if not, just copy existing realmlist from enUS to them.
    6. Start the Game again with the "wow.exe" and ONLY with it (!!!), login with your Account (Username, NOT the Email).
    7. The Game will initialize the Game Files. Let it load. Go AFK or do something else. Game might take bit longer than usual to get you to character selection screen, so just wait it out if this happens. Remember, it needs to download anything as needed, so it is not connection issue. Also loading will be longer than usual. Don't worry, running game and logging in will be faster next time you play. Those delays are just first time. Only loading screen might take longer next time.

    Possible issues:
    These issues might happen, if your connection can't handle streaming. If you have fast connection, then most of them should not be bad, you might still get minor lag increase, but it won't be game breaking. But just to let you know:
    - High lag -> This is normal, if your connection can not handle all downloading and game data. This is only for people with fast connection. Lags will end when whole game gets downloaded. Only thing you can do about it is to try disabling add-ons. Sometimes additional traffic from add-ons an make it much worse.
    - Low detail textures -> Again, this is normal at beginning. Game needs to download high resolution textures. But that takes time, so it will display low detail ones, till then.
    - Long loading times -> This will happen at every loading, when you enter any area for first time. That is because game must download instance or location data. Background downloading will in first line focus on zones around you. So instance data for example will only get downloaded when you enter them at beginning. But once downloading gets far enough, this will stop happening. Though it might give you problems when using dungeon finder, due to long loadings, it will look like you went offline.
    - Invisible objects, models and stuff -> Again, this can be normal. Especially on slower connections. That means game just did not download them yet, so they can't be shown on your end.

    Controlling background downloading:
    There is a way to control how much bandwidth is dedicated to downloading. By default WoW should take 33% of your bandwidth. But you can control this, you can increase it when you idle or if your connection can handle it to download WoW faster. You can do that by using this command:
    SET bgloadthrottle X
    Just replace X with % of bandwidth. Default is 33. To use it, just type it in chat like this:
    SET bgloadthrottle 75
    This will set it to 75% of your bandwidth. If this does not work, then try:
    SET bgloadthrottle "75"
    Not sure if it need quotes.

    WARNING: Only use above command, if you are sure what you are doing. Do not use it to reduce background downloading to minimum. That will cause a lot of issues and will make game unplayable. Only use it if you can go higher or if you want it to download faster when you are AFK. If you messed it up, restarting client should reset it to default, if it does not, delete WTF folder in WoW folder, that will reset all settings, including this.

    Credits : zdroid9770

    › See More: WoW Cataclysm 4.3.4 Full Download

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    thanks for sharing

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    Thx, you rock!


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    The link is out of date. Can I update?

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    clientes 4.3.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutagen View Post
    The link is out of date. Can I update?
    Last edited by remamakiller; 01-09-23 at 09:21 AM.



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