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Decided to make my private repository public, because why not, sharing is caring.
I've worked on the repo with a friend(s) for a while, and is just sitting on my Bitbucket account, so thought why not...
This is one of the most complete Pandaria sources, which is perfect to start up either your PvP or PvE server.
--- It's an older source that a few servers have used in the past such as;
Warmane, AdverseWoW
Has a few neat features such as custom .challenge command system, battlepet working partially, most dungeons, raids and battlegrounds&arenas work.
Also already has some custom features added to it such as crossfaction BGs etc

Use it for whatever ya like, your own server... gather fixes/scripts from it to add it to your own server...

If wanted i can release a few other great sources i've got laying around, cata, pandaria, warlords, if wanted. Let me know what you'd like to see =)

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