AuroraMine Review. BTC mining is made easy thru AuroraMine. A new site that mines BTC in a new high-level.
A Cloud mining in a better way.
So you don’t have to install any software to start mining BTC. You can do it in just by registering in AuroraMine.
How does it work?

I am going to show you a step by step guide for you to start earning in AuroraMine.
Step 1. First, you need to create an account in AuroraMine. Click on the link below.
Register on this LINK.
Step 2. You will be redirected to AuroraMine website, click on Sign Up.

Step 3. Scroll down below, and fill up the required information.

You will receive a FREE 100GH/s Power in your account. Any minute you see your BTC starting to grow.
You can check your earnings by clicking on Dashboard.

Now, if you want to earn more you need to invest by purchasing a Power.
You can check the steps below how to purchase Power.
How to Buy Power on AuroraMine

For now, they are only accepting BTC for the payments. So you need to have, or Blockchain account.
In my case, I used my to Blockchain since I want it to be more accurate.
I want to Buy in Dollar amount which is not available at

So, I transferred P400 first from to Blockchain. It is more than $5 since I expect some extra charges.
Buy Power Steps:

Step 1. To buy power in AuroraMine first you need to login to your account, then click Buy Power.

As of this writing, below is the minimum and maximum to deposit. But it will increase or decrease over time depending on the market.

  • Minimum deposit amount: 6.58 USD
  • Maximum deposit amount: 86403.06 USD

Step 2. Scroll down and send the payment to the given address.
The Bitcoin receiver address you will see in your account is unique and only available in your account only.

Once you have paid the amount to the Bitcoin Address, it will automatically be reflected under Deposit History.
I suggest to put these information on the Description once you pay.

  • AuroraMine Buy Power
  • Your Username
  • Your Email

Just to make sure that they can identify your account.

Step 3. You just need to wait for a few minutes or hours before they can verify the transaction.
Once the transaction will be completed, go to your Dashboard and check your Total Hashpower.

You will earn 10% of your investment per day, so that means in within 10 days you will your money back.
The more you invest, the greater the percentage.
Fair pricing system
500 GH/s
6.59 USD
10.0% ProfitLIFETIME
3500400 GH/s
28883.28 USD
11.5% ProfitLIFETIME
8166900 GH/s
57761.61 USD
13.6% ProfitLIFETIME
14000000 GH/s
86639.94 USD
16.7% ProfitLIFETIME
Referral Earning Rewards

You can also earn 6% from your Direct Referral / 1st Level.
3% on 2nd Level, and 1% on the 3rd Level.
But this is only applicable to their purchases of HashPower.
So they need to Buy Power first before you can get the extra power (ref power) in your account.
If you will sign up under my link, I will greatly appreciate it.
“Invest with your own risk.”

AuroraMine Review

AuroraMine just launched last September 2017, so this may not be fully established.
But for now this site is Paying and considered as Legit.
I would suggest that if you want to invest in this site, you can start with a little investment until you make a profit.
So you have nothing to lose if you want to invest more to earn more.
Anyway, if you don’t want to invest you can start with FREE account and earn.
This site is totally FREE.
Payment Proof Withdrawals

Here are some FAQ’s about AuroraMine.

What is Aurora Mine?

Aurora Mine Limited is a developer of bitcoin mining hardware and offers safe investments in Bitcoin mining with easy.
What is the duration of my mining contract?

All of our mining contracts are running for lifetime such as our free mining offer.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0003 BTC.
Can I use Aurora Mine on my mobile device?

Yes! Aurora Mine is a mobile friendly service, just enter the panel like you would on your computer and do what needs to be done!
How often do I get paid?

We payout every 24 hours, meaning you’re getting bitcoin every day with ease.
How can I open an account?

Opening an account with us is as simple as clicking the sign-up button at the top of the page and filling out the registration form.
Do you charge for deposits or withdrawals?

No, We do not charge any type of fees for any withdrawals and deposits you have with us, what you withdraw is yours, we don’t take any % or cut.
How does this work?

Mining bitcoin is simple but usually expensive, we are here to change that, just deposit bitcoin and purchase your power, we do the rest.
Do you accept other payment methods?

No, we only accept bitcoin as the equipment we use can only be purchased using bitcoin.
How many confirmations until my deposit clears?

We require one confirmation for your deposits, this stops double spends and any other transaction errors.
When will I get my first payment?

You will get your first payment from us after only 24 hours!
Can I lose money with you?

No, you cannot lose money here, We make every effort to ensure the safety of your assets with our 256-Bit SSL and website encryption!
Will my free power expire?

Your free mining power will never expire.

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