This guide was originally posted by vxean - How to setup Eluna on Trinitycore

This guide only explains how you pull the Eluna source and build it, the guide does not explain how you setup DBC, vmaps, maps or the Database or how you connect to your server. if you wish to install 32 bit you can still follow this guide, but you would have to download 32 bits. This guide does not either explain how you setup Mysql.
Original guide was made in a google Documment, it can be found HERE for easier accessibility.

Trinitycore Eluna 3.3.5 WINDOWS10 installation guide
This is a guide Made by Syphex(A.K.A Syphex97 or vxea/vxean) at 2017 Jan 20th

Link to Trinitycores Requirements guide - here
Software requirements (64 bit) - you can download 32 bits and follow the guide too.
Mysql, download the installer: DOWNLOAD
Boost libaries 1_60_0: DOWNLOAD
Cmake 3.9.0 x64: DOWNLOAD (x32 DOWNLOAD)
OpenSSL x64 v1.1.0f: DOWNLOAD
Visual Studio community: DOWNLOAD
(if link is broken download Visual Studio community at LINK)

Optional - Trinitycore’s optional guide - here
Notepad ++ Download (very good text editor i recommend this, it will make your life easier)

Be sure to restart you computer after installing all the software
Boost Environment Variable Path Setup
Now you need to setup environment variable path for Boost libaries.

  1. Go to “My Computer”, Right click and press “properties PIC
  2. To the left side of the new window press “Advanced System Properties”
  3. Down to the right on the new window right above “OK” press “Environment variables”
  4. Under “System variables” press “New” and add a new path.
  5. Press “OK” then “Apply” until both windows have closed down.
  6. Done.

Git bash setup
During the installation do not Do not close the console window until the process is done

  1. Navigate the the destination where you want your server to be, create a folder called “TC Eluna Source”
  2. Open up the new folder and right click > Press “Git bash here” Copy and paste:
    git clone --recurse
    Guide updated. thanks to
  3. Navigate to the new folder “ElunaTrinityWotlk” and change the name to “TC Eluna Source” once inside create a new folder called “scripts”
  4. Done.

Trinitycore’s installation guide - HERE (with pics, scroll down to cmake)
Cmake Guide

  1. Open up cmake, and fill in the 2 locations
    Source code: Press the button “Browse source” and navigate to your source folder in this case its “TC Eluna Source”
    example: C:/Wow_server/TC Eluna Source/
    Build Binaries: Do the same as above but this time a different folder
    example: C:/Wow_server/TC Eluna Build/
  2. Down to the left Press “Configure” and choose “Visual studio 14 2015” and then press finish, Let it configure.
  3. Press generate and it will generate the game files, make sure that you did not have any errors during the process or you will get a corrupted build.
  4. Done

Trinitycore’s setup Guide - Here (scroll down to "compiling the source")
Server Setup Guide

  1. Navigate to your build folder, if you have followed the guide so far it can be found in the folder “TC Eluna Build” Open up the folder.
  2. Once inside the folder find “TrinityCore.sln” open this with VS up and let Visual studio load.
  3. Once inside to the top of your screen in the menu bar there will be a box and “Debug” will be chosen, press the box and choose “Release”
  4. Down to the right of the screen in VS press “Solution ‘TrinityCore’ “ Right click this and press “Build Solution”
  5. This will take some time depending on your pc specs, it can take from 5 minutes to 1 hour.
  6. once done it should say example:

    ========== Build: 23 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 1 skipped ==========
    This can be random, as long as it says 0 failed you’re fine.
    If you have more than 1 failed go to the “Error List” and post your issue on the forum Ac-Web (link above)
  7. Once the build is done, close Vs and navigate to the folder “bin”
    Open it up and you should find a folder called “Release” Copy this (COPY IT) and paste it outside the Build folder
  8. Once you’ve pasted the folder outside the build folder etc “c:\Wow_server\”
    open it up and rename the files authserver.conf.dist & worldserver.conf.dist to
  9. Now you need to setup the required game files (Vmaps, maps, dbc etc) Follow this guide here

Database, Port and connection guides
Databases installation guide can be found here
Ports and addresses guide can be found here
How to connect to your server and client setup can be found here

If any help is desired i can do so when i have time, comment below if so.
I've setup TrinityCore & Eluna Merged with TrinityCore for alot of different people on different computers and servers. so i'm well accustomed with installation and setup errors.

I think i got an error?
If Cmake succeeds but it says “Boost_DIR-NOTFOUND” it doesn't mean anything, you can still build the server without any errors. - NOTE that when you build it will say that you have an unknown compiler build, this doesn't really mean anything other than what it says. it will not cause any issues

Possible Errors
Boost_INCLUDE_DIR is not found
you need to build the boost path like i did above in the guide, it’s possible you are using a different version that may cause an issue.

When i start up world i get an error but not when i startup auth.
This is because you have the wrong DLL files, Make sure you have the files for either 32 or 64 bits you decided to compile.

I get a error message with a code when i try to startup auth or world.
This is the same issue as above.

Changes -
Git Bash Setup (New code for easier pull thanks to *FoeReaper)
Git Bash Setup removed 2 lines(changes can be seen in the google document)
Cmake Version changed due to conflicts with Latest VS installation
Added possible solutions for errors and other path finding issues.

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