Removing Graveyard in WoW Server in TrinityCore, Resurrect at the place of death

The resurrection system chosen by Blizzard is understandable in a multiplayer universe and therefore multi tension.
The distant distance between his body and the cemetery allows to give time to the pressure to fall back into a PVP environment, to increase the difficulty or the lifespan of the pending game.
In a solo universe or between a few friends these distances can become painful, especially pending. With the few lines you can do without the cemetery and the ground worn by your body, or even limit the waiting time for ground after several deaths.

To avoid being a TP in the cemetery and thus be able to stay at the place of his death:

In \ src \ server \ game \ Entities \ Player \ Player.cpp:

// if no grave found, stay at the current location
// and don't show spirit healer location

Delete or comment the line(//):
TeleportTo (ClosestGrave-> map_id, ClosestGrave-> x, ClosestGrave-> y, ClosestGrave-> z, GetOrientation ());
For the player:

ResurrectPlayer (0.5f);
also, based on the soul stone of the demo that even works dead:
Player-> CastSpell (Player, 174986, true);

To not wait:

uint32 static copseReclaimDelay [MAX_DEATH_COUNT] = {30, 60, 120};

Replace with:
uint32 static copseReclaimDelay [MAX_DEATH_COUNT] = {5, 10, 15};

Credit to : Stitch from Aquayoup

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