HostSlim offers very affordable Dutch DDoSProtection. We can also filter external traffic. This means that if your website is not within our network, we can still protect your websites from DDoS attacks via our GRE tunnel DDoS filter solutions.

Secure automated DDoS mitigation
Our datacenter uses all-in one DDoS filters from Huawei. This high-performance hardware filters are known as the far most fastest DDoS filters on the market. The best filtering solution for Enterprise cloud, Telecom, Gaming, low latency voip and other IT infrastructure.

High performance in-line filter hardware
Unlike many competitors, our datacenter uses its own in-line scrubbing solution. Your data traffic will not hit any other external network or scrubbing cloud. It speeds up your protection and gives you low latency protection when you are under attack and your datatraffic does not leave our trustful internal datacenter network. Also, we do not using any detection external mechanism that start only filtering after a attack is seen (because than itís too late). We transparently add the DDoSfilter between your IP and the internet. All incoming ip datatraffic goes through the filter, also when you do not have a attack. By this the filter know exactly what your normal traffic is and knows the difference between a incoming attack. It will act directly when a DDoS started and the chance of false filtering is minimal.

General benefits of the DDoS filter:
Each DDoS filter in the world is different, each brand has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore itís important to use a filter what fits your needs. We focus on in-house, secure, and low latency filtering. We offer this advantages:

- No external scrubbing centers are used. We keep your data safe in our datacenter!
- Personal DDoS filer settings per user.
- No data traffic overage fees.
- Low latency protection by using the fastest DDoS hardware on the market. Only fast in-line filtering!
- Free for all colocation users! It helps protecting your uplink to be filled up with DDoS traffic.
- Accurate and all-rounded. V-ISA reputation mechanism defends against hundreds of attack types
- Wide attack reporting in the client controlpanel.

More information can be found here: HostSlim - DDoS Protection