Things are moving fast at Kryxivia: there are lots of new faces in the community and the world of Kryxivia continues to expand and improve.

In the lead-up to our public Alpha launch, we wanted to put out a quick resource to get our early supporters and newcomers alike up to speed with how to navigate Kryxivia. This is that resource.

If you know nothing about Kryxivia, here’s our quick pitch: Kryxivia is an exciting new Play-to-Earn MMORPG built on BNB Chain. As a player, you will explore the city of Kryxivia and the deep, mysterious mine that it was built around. In the mine, you’ll find many formidable bosses who drop extremely valuable loot.
In today’s article, we’ll be running you through how to start playing Kryxivia, setting up your first character, and then setting up your action bar to start dominating some bosses in the mine.

First contact
After we launch on July 25, you’ll be able to begin playing by navigating to and clicking the ‘Play Now!’ button. You’ll see an option to claim a free NFT - this will be your alpha access pass. Connect your wallet, claim the NFT, then head back to begin playing the game.
Once the game loads, click ‘New Character’ to start creating your avatar.

Here you’ll find some fun character customization options including gender, hair, skin and eye color, hairstyle and name. Once you’re happy with your character, click ‘Validate’.
Finally, click ‘Play Now’ to enter the world.

A newcomer!
Hello and welcome to the beautiful city of Kryxivia. There’s a lot to explore around town, so we’ll let you do that in your own time. For today, let’s focus on navigating to the entrance to the mine.

Turn around from where you spawn, head down the stairs, cross the bridge and you’ll find yourself standing before the glowing doors to the mine. If you get lost, you’re looking for the purple arrow on your minimap.

Before you head in, you’ll want to prepare your abilities. Click on the bag of purple kryxits in the bottom left corner of your screen. This will take you to your spells, which you can drag and drop into your action bar and cast by pressing the respective number on your keyboard. Mouse over each of them to learn more about what they do.
Remember, spells and abilities in Kryxivia are given by the Kryxits you embed in your armor and weapons. If you’re not wearing any armor (and therefore no kryxits) you won’t be able to do anything!

Once you’re happy with your setup, head to the gates and press E – we’d recommend starting with the Training boss. Be warned though, he’s not as easy as he sounds. You might want to send some of your friends this article and get them to join you in your adventures through the mine - if you want to survive, that is.

Speaking of friends - if you’d like to play with your friends, or a stranger you meet in the hall, create a party by clicking the plus icon in the bottom left corner. When one party member enters the mine, all the other members will enter with them and face the boss together.

These aren’t all the features we’ve got in the game, but this will get you started. Don’t forget to explore and try things out, and if you get stuck reach out to our community in Discord or even ask another player in the game!

The world awaits
We wish you luck on your adventures. Remember, this is just the beginning - a lot is coming to Kryxivia very soon (like a PVP tournament, for example). If you experience any bugs or want to leave any other feedback, we would love to hear it. Head over to Kryxivia Discord and get in contact with a team member to do so.

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