Custom High Five server L2insolence will open 2020-09-07 20:00 GMT+2 ! ! !

More info:

Server is High Five custom whith all armors, weapons, jewels, cloaks, skills, stats and mutch more.

All entchant are 100% and max is +20099 use one by one or for some game materials use npc to enchant it faster, all character stats are huge, dmg numbers are huge to.

Custom farm zones, custom materials, donation coins can by farmed from monsters but its low chance of droping.

You can use farming bots to farm, server is very hard farm and it will take some time to get beter items.

Server will by opening on 2020-09-07 20:00 GMT+2 and system download on opening date.

We use discord for forum, questions, giveaways and help for other players.

Rates XP, SP: 25x Spoil and Drop: 10x Adena: 20x Server Hard Farm

The olympiada is ongoing every two weeks.Meaning if you become a hero you will have your hero status for two weeks. And hero have own custom stats on items.

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