L2 Bios Promotional Video:

L2BIOS.COM - New Gameplay - All classes CAN PVP - Lineage 2 Interlude PvP - MaxLvl 95 x4000.

Grand Opening 26 September, 2020 at 17:00 UTC +2

Only for the 1st week! Reach 99 Pvp and receive a boost skill for your class!

- L2Bios.com

- Server Chronicles: Interlude.
- Platform: Java.
- Server: Exp-PvP - Easy start, leveling area with scale mob lvls without difficulties.

- Greek Community .. Plus Players from all over the world!
- The strongest clans and const party!
- PvP battles 24/7 and fixed balanced Olympiad!
- Constant server support by advertising!
- Long-term work without wipe!
- Stable operation of all project resources!
- Quality assurance and protection from third-party software!

Rates - Exp x4000 | Sp x4000 | Adena x8000 | Party Xp/Sp x2.
Enchant - All-Grade : | Safe +7 | Max +25
(+7) to (+16)
Normal 75% | Blessed 100% | Crystal 65%

(+16) to (+25)
Normal 45% | Blessed 90% | Crystal 35%

Enchant - Interlude: | Safe +6 | Max +35
Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+25).
Karma - Drop 40%


Mid life stone skill chance - 10%.
High life stone skill chance - 15%.
Top life stone skill chance - 20%.
Augmentation: 1 Active + 1 Passive skill.


Healers are in favor of earning PvP with high odds by helping their party members. Also, they can use the Skill (Might of Heaven) to deal damage to players.

Fortune Seeker:
Fortune Seeker is edited in an off-DPS player dealing massive damage as well as surviving with boosted health.

Maestro is edited in an Summoner player dealing magic damage and sharing blood with it's pet.

Sword Singer:
Sword Singer is edited in an off-Tank player dealing strong melee damage with sword.

Blade Dancer:
Blade Dancer is edited in an light off-Duelist player dealing strong melee damage with dual swords.

Warcryer is edited in an Joker player could support, give magic or melee damage and wear any equipment. Is up to you to find the best combo!


Main town -Gludio
Castle sieges every week.(Goddard, Aden, Giran)
Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants, enchants.
Unique Pvp flag vs flag areas with reward.
Pvp add Skills System!
Pvp chances of enchanting your items!
Max Level: 95
More then 6 active raid bosses.
Casino event manager.
Unique adena to pouch of Not allowed system.
Wedding system.
Unique farming areas.
Npc skill enchanter.
B grade items for free.
Shops till top S grade.
Unique tattoos and jewels.
Full npc buffer with auto buff.
Max count of buffs - 76.
Max subclasses - 13.
Free and no quest class change.
Free and no quest sub class.
Nobless from Caradine's letter item - is farmable.
No weight limit.
No grade limit.
Quake Pvp system with Hero Aura!.
Pvp/Pk count show on title.
Online password change.
Top 10 Pvp/Pk/Items npc in game.
Augmentation system in Npc.
Server information Npc.
Unique monsters and farm areas.
Offline Trade system with unique sell/buy item.
Interlude retail skills.
Server up-time [24/7] [96]%.
Maintain class balance.
Accessories give stats.
No custom items !

The entire list is simply impossible to list!
To see everything with your own eyes, just go to the BETA version and see for your own!
(This is not just words, you will find a lot of little things in the game that will intrigued your interest).

More information of the server: https://l2bios.com/info/

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