We are glad to present you our project L2Antidote HighFive x30

Grand Opening !
10th January 2021 (UTC+2)

Open Beta Test server will open on
8th January 2021

20:00 GMT +2


Our website : http://www.l2antidote.com/
Our Discord : https://discord.gg/chYAa5ZfGg


Exp: 30
Sp: 30
Adena: 20
Drop: 10
Spoil: 10

Enchant rates:

Safe enchant +3
Max enchant +16
Enchant scrolls chance 60%
Blessed enchant scrolls chance 66%
Attribute Stone chance - 50%
Attribute Crystal chance - 40%

Features :

Full Community Board with anything you might need !
In-game Database from alt+B
Working Auction
Buff duration: 2h
Buff slots: 26(+4 Divine Inspiration)
Dance/Song slots: 14
Skills are auto learn.
Automatic loot for monsters.
Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses.
1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena
Sub-Class FREE
Certification skills retail like (Quest required)
Olympiad period 2 weeks
Mana Potions: 1000 MP with 6 seconds cooldown.
Champion Monsters until Lv 80
Combine talismans option
Goddes of Destruction Class Cloaks implemented
Olf's T-shirt
And much more you're welcome to see yourself

Commands :


And a lot more awaits you in the L2Antidote world !!!

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