Welcome back to L2Etina!

We are coming back with second edition of L2Etina! During our time of absence, we have fixed various bugs and implemented few cool features. You will be able to receive Automatic Rewards for Streaming, check Ranking in game, buy Crystallization automatically, check Exit Game Stats & many more.
For those who didn't play before, L2Etina is Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client. It means game interface is new and that we have a lot of cool features like radar, mail, Item Search Window, Seed Auction, Buff Stores. Gameplay stays the same as on Interlude though, so there aren't any changes to skills, bosses, drops etc.
On first edition we promised that there will be no bots & no dual boxes, but handling everything by just me and Asuki proved to me too much. That's why we hired 3 GMs, who will help us with making the game fair for everybody. We have also fixed a lot of bugs, so this edition should be much better. I hope that you can try to trust us again and enjoy L2Etina.

Please also keep in mind that everyone who donated on first edition, will receive 2 weeks of Premium Bonus for free.

Experience: 3x
Skill Points: 3x
Adena Drop: 2x
Item Drop: 2x
Seal Stones Drop: 2x
Spoil Rate: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Skill Points: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x

For joing to this server you can use my refferal link: https://account.l2etina.com/en/sign-up?referral=3229110

You will get bonus buff scrolls. Thank you.
If you need any help you can contact me in game: Daemondas

My Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/daemondas

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