I bring home my First Stone, Script for Arcemu Compatible with 2.4.3 and 3.3.5

Teleport, VIP1 - VIP2 - VIP3 - VIP4 - VIP5 - VIP6 AND VIP.7
You can add more Menus VIPs.

change the ID's of Items vip. Make it different for each vip.
vip items, Recommended, do Shirts v1 to v7
Local vip1 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)
Local vip2 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)
Local vip3 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)
Local VIP4 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)
Local VIP5 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)
Local VIP6 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)
Local vip7 = (YOU-ID-ITEM)

also be able to find, Trainer vip, custom, where they can add that type buffs, will give you every VIP range.

You must equip the ITEM, with the corresponding VIP ID. "local" to See the vip menu.
changes IDs VIP armor. for your items from your server.
many friends you !! I hope I have helped.

Note: For places woltk must create a new menu and add the locations of North.

Credit: Kusanagy Azakura
created by Kusanagy

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