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Have you ever wanted to create your own MMO server in a style similar to World of Warcraft, Runescape, Diablo, or Destiny? Using MMOPro, you can lay down a framework to build from. MMOPro redefines a number of mechanics to make them similar to popular MMO games, most predominately World of Warcraft.

Using MMOPro, you can effectively transform your PVP, PVE, Survival, or Factions server into a vastly immersive experience.

This thread will serve as the work-in-progress thread as I continue making this plugin. Please follow the updates if this is something you like - post some suggestions below, as well. If you have any questions, i'll be more than happy to answer them.
This whole plugin will be open source and released to the public once it's done.



Item System

  • World of Warcraft Styled Tooltips with attributes:
    • Strength
    • Stamina
    • Intellect
    • Discipline (works like Spirit)
    • Ranged
    • Bonus Armor
    • Critical Strike Chance
    • Dodge Chance
    • Parry Chance

  • Native items (and natural drops) converted to custom items.
    • Example: Diamond will convert into a [Diamond] with the proper attributes and tooltips.

  • Dynamic stats and item creation
  • Loot Tables for custom items, with random enchantments applied
    • For example, if the loot table says your loot is a [Unbound Soulfire Staff], there is a chance that it can gain extra enchantments such as...
      • [Unbound Soulfire Staff of the Sage] (additional intellect)
      • [Unbound Soulfire Staff of the Cleric] (additional discipline)

    • Defeating stronger monsters grants a better chance of getting good gear.
    • Gear can be Soulbound, meaning it cannot be dropped by the player and it will not drop on death. This prevents people from getting all of the best Soulbound gear simply from killing the guy with the best gear.
    • Gear can only be obtained from killing monsters, looting chests, and completing quests.

Combat System

  • Players and Mobs both use the same attributes. Monsters have Stamina and so do players, Monsters have Strength, etc...
  • Players and Monsters both operate on the same combat mechanics for calculation
  • Monsters can use abilities just like Players - this is determined using custom mob programming (and enhanced AI)
  • Monsters can be Elite or Boss level, which enhances existing attributes by a given percentage
  • Players have a given class and specific stat priorities
    • Warriors have a stat priority which draws their damage from Strength and their health from Stamina
    • Paladins draw their melee damage from Strength and their mage damage/healing from Intellect
    • Priests get their mana from Intellect and their spell efficiency from Discipline, health from Stamina
    • Mages get their spell efficiency from Intellect and their mana from Discipline, health from Stamina
    • Hunters get their damage and efficiency from Ranged, and their health from Stamina

  • Progressive level system which grants players upwards of 12*(Level) experience for slaying monsters higher level than their own level.
    • Shared XP system with party members.


  • Ability to create and manage custom Zones
  • Zones manage the level, attributes, stat priorities, and difficulty of monsters which spawn in that Zone.
  • Zones can have a Zone Boss roaming around the Zone, which grants additional experience and better loot when it is defeated.
  • Zones have their own specific quest lines. Each player's progress through the Zone's quests is tracked individually. (Planned: Branching/Expansive Quest Lines)
  • Planned: Expansion Zones (for servers that want to have 'Expansion Packs' or 'Premium Areas').

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