Hello, MuOnline players!

I would like to invite you to play on the 2nd edition of the SpiritMU server!gry na 2 edycji serwera SpiritMU!


Since the beginning of the server, the server has been refined and for the moment its official launch was scheduled for August 4, 2019. We stayed at the old school version of Season 1.

The server exp is still 1000x and drop items at 50%.

Unlike the first edition, the server starts immediately with 3ema subservers on each of 100 slots.

There are 3 subservices:

PVP - PK / KS allowed with expem 1000x

Non PVP - PK / KS prohibited (disabled PK) with expem 850x

and VIP - PK / KS prohibited (excluded) from expem 1300x

We returned to the setting where ARENA (stadium) is completely turned off!

Spots on different maps should efficiently spice up the game.

A new forum has been created on the new engine in the English version (posts written by the administration in both English and Polish).

The default currency on the server is Spirits. We collect spirits by collecting ren (BOH) and exchanging with Golden Arche in front of the bar in lorencia. They can also be obtained by voting on the server in Toplists (option available after logging in) and simply by purchasing. Spirits can be exchanged for access to a VIP server or bids for items that will be available on the forum.

The server has been protected against DDoS attacks and equipped with GameGuard (anticheat), without which it is impossible to connect to the server.

There is no possibility to buy items on the server. We want a server without a webshop.

The server is maintained only from VIP accounts.

Players from TOP 3 at the end of the edition receive FULL ITEM for the next edition as it was after the end of the 1st edition.

The tests start on July 15, 2019. and on this day a client will be made available to log in to the game. We left blank accounts from the previous edition. Today you can set up an account, log in to the forum and speak about server settings - it is possible to make changes before the official start of the server - the server is for players. The server will be shut down on July 30. After the reset, the accounts will be empty, and then on August 4 will be again included in the open game.

NOTE: Currency Spirits will remain on your account! Players as many as they can collect Spirits will have the same number at the server start on 4 August 2014! This will be a bonus for participating in the tests.

Below are examples of start times for different countries.

Poland (Europe) - 10:00 AM, 4 august 2019

Brasil (South America) - 6:00 AM, 4 august 2019

Venezuela (South Ameria) - 5:00 AM, 4 august 2019

Vietnam (Asia) - 4:00 PM, 4 august 2019

Indonesia / Philippines (Asia) - 5:00 PM, 4 august 2019

We present server settings

General information

Server name: SpiritMU

Server location: Poland

Server site: News - SpiritMU - Season 1 - Polish Private MuOnline Server

Server forum: Forums - SpiritMU.PL - Official forum of Spirit MuOnline Server

Facebook: Spiritmu - Startpagina | Facebook

Basic configuration

Version: 1.0M (SEASON 1)

Exp: 1000x

Drop: 50%

Maximum level: 400

Hours of operation: 24/7

Maximum number of players: 3 x 100 players (PVP / NoPVP / VIP)

Character Reset:

Reset on the website or via the command / reset in the game

Reset level: 400

Statistics are resetting

500 points for reset, cost 50kk (50,000,000 ZEN)

Grand reset form:


Additional information about settings:

Points for level:

DK / DW / ELF - 5 points

MG / DL - 7 points

After completing the quest with Marlon + 1 point


- Blood Castle (every 1 hour)

Winner's bonus:

BC 1-4 - 2 x jewel of chaos

BC 5 - 5 x jewel of chaos

BC 6 - 4 x jewel of bless

BC 7 - 3 x jewel of soul

- Devil Square (every 1 hour)

- Chaos Castle (every hour)

- Skeletons (every 4 hours)

- White Wizard Invasion (every 4 hours)

- Red dragon invasion (every 12 hours, 11AM, 11PM)

- Golden dragon invasion (every 2 hours)

- Sky Event (at 20:00 (8 PM UTC + 1))

duration: 5 min, minimum number of players: 2

entrance through Guarda in front of the bar called "Sky Event Guard" (no entry required)

- Happy Hour (at 12:00 (12 AM) and 18:00 (6 PM) UTC + 1)

duration: 60 min, additional exp + 500x, additional drop + 10%

- Happy level up (at 22:00 (10 PM UTC + 1)

duration: 60 min, BK / SM / DW - 5 additional points for lvl, MG / DL - 10 additional points for lvl

Additional EXP in the party:

3 players + 50x

4 players + 100x

5 players + 150x

Drop items from Box of kundun -% exc items:

BOK + 1 - 100%

BOK + 2 - 100%

BOK + 3 - 100%

BOK + 4 - 65%

BOK + 5 - 55%

Raising the level of stones:

Jewel of bless - 100%

Jewel of soul without luck - 60%

Jewel of soul with luck - 80%

Jewel of life - 65%

Chaos machine goblin

Chance to pick up item to +10 = 80%

Chance to pick up item to +11 = 70%

Chance to pick up item to +12 = 60%

Chance to pick up item to +13 = 50%

A chance to pick up item with item = + 20%

Maximum% for item upgrade = 100%

Creating wings:

Creating wings 1 lvl = 100%

Creating wings 2 lvl =65%

Additional commands available on the server:

/ vault 1,2,3 - the ability to use 3 deposits,

/ offtrade - the possibility of selling items NOT in the ZEN currency

/ post, / time, / gg, / getmarry, / onlinemarry, / questinfo, / exit, / add (str, agi, vit, ene), / move

VIP system:

The server is enabled to purchase a vip account after the official server startup. The VIP purchase is made through the Spirits currency, so you can get them by voting or collecting rhenium. The VIP account gives you access to the VIP server for the selected period on the server's website.

The VIP server settings are available on the server page in the "Server info" tab


Is not available

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