Hello everyone!

HAVOC Mu has been recently opened, and already has a growing community. For the moment we are 2 developers(myself admin), and we're looking for more team members and players to join our awesome community!

You can already find us on DISCORD on the following link: HavocMu.Com - S14

Server Information:

Version: Season 14-Ep1Part2
Normal Exp: x20, Master Exp: x20, Majestic Exp: x40
Drop Rate: 60%
Point per Level: 20(DW, BK, Elf, RW, Sum) / 23(DL, MG, RF, GL)
Reset: 400 Level, stats keep, Reward: 100 credits
Max Resets: 10
Grand reset: 10 resets/ points clear / reward: 1000 credits
Max stats from resets 80k-90k.

Balanced PvP System
Gain Ruud from BC/DS/CC and events
NO WEBSHOP, Only X-Shop ingame (shop doesn't sell FO items)
FO items only from bosses (jewel of kondar) and GM events !!! PLAY TO WIN!!!
New Moss Merchant Optimized, Happy Hours Event, etc...
Gain Wcoins and custom jewels from bosses!!!
NO Offlevel!!!


/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
/offtrade (to sell by wcoins)
/scramble (For Scramble event) Party Exp System2 Players 90%, 3 Player 95%, 4Players 110% 5Players 115%

Join US!

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