Full season 14 with new bosses, items&maps!
- 2 servers opens at 21-september-2019

Noblemu HIGH EXP SERVER settings:

  • Exp: 9999X with 10 points par level
  • High rate chaosgoblin & wings gives excellent % option (95%)
  • High Errtel and pentagram succes (95%)
  • 64.000 stats, reset = keep stats
  • Wcoin drops ingame from bosses and events
  • Grand reset = wcoins + keep stats
  • Custom maps, bosses, sets
  • Many spots with easy zen

Noblemu LOW EXP SERVER settings:

  • 10x server hard, 5 points per level
  • Unique new master and majestic XP system, this to prevent impossible XP goals ( base is 10x )
  • balanced gameplay with integrated customs as a gameplay element. Worth hunting and not overpowered.
  • good small balanced spots on all maps, the deeper the map the better chance to find
  • Wcoins drops from bosses and events
  • Hard monsters, even after couple resets you won't be able to kill the top monsters yet
  • Different gameplay then orginal, but well thought off to provide a new muonline experience
  • Grand reset yes, keep stats yes. You will need them and its still hard!
  • Lots of new things to explore, even when maxed out there are good upgrade/hunting possibilities
  • Play to win wcoin system, all people can find/upgrade there set to the max intime

Good anticheat system, no point to open a muserver if cheats roams freely. We want fair gameplay so we implemented a good antihack system. Also our moderators & gm's will scan and ban where needed!

All monsters&character changed to match PVM & PVP
We tested and fixed every skill of every character and tested 9x9 = 81 pvp battles for optimal fun for all classes

Implemented new balanced custom items
Improved options of sockets, 380 items and ancients to make nice settings for PvP and PVm
Custom jewels drops ingame
Ruud & wcoins & goblin points collect ingame defeating events & bosses
Earn wcoins by grand reset or bosses/events ingame

NO webshop but quality Xshop: Wcoins points with good & new items.
Unique items, custom ancients&sockets drops ingame. Fair gameplay by upgrading items ingame !


In the meantime a cool movie from our top-boss: Rathian

Server: Dedicated XEON 6core server, low lag and longterm !
Location: US

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