Welcome to Lium, this is a new multiversion lua unlocker for your cheating needs.

Supported Versions 9 and 11 both supported)
5.x.x.xxxxx(x86)(directx 9 and 11 both supported) note: only version is confirmed working as this is all i have however should work with all mop versions if you have an error please specify exact version in post

Usage is quite simple, start wow and login to your character, inject the dll with your favorite dll injector, type in a custom name in the box that you would like to use to unlock lua with, press the register button.
After you have done this you can simply press F5 to hide the GUI and regain mouse and keyboard controls, if you change characters you simply need to press F5 again and press register again to re-register your lua function.
now if you simply type "/run JumpOrAscendStart()" this will still be locked this is because some servers send an addon message to your client without you knowing to check if your lua is unlocked so we don't use the normal methods here thus passing this check, to use protected function you simply need to wrap the protected function with the name that you choose earlier, lets assume you choose the name "test", to execute protected functions you would do this "/run test('JumpOrAscendStart()') and it is that simple. If you want to use this with your favorite addon simply wrap all the protected lua functions like we did in the test scenario. NOTE: Some addons like PQR and some others are detected by most servers by scanning the name of the addon and some other methods, if you use these addons and get banned it is not because of the unlocker it is because of the addon, therefore if you want to use addons like PQR with this unlocker you need to modify its name and all strings/names in the addon that contain "PQR", also don't forget to wrap pqr's functions with your registered name to unlock lua. As far as I'm aware the method used here should not be detectable on any server currently and I don't forsee it being detected in the near future albeit I have been wrong before. I did not add error checking on wow versions so if you inject this into an unsupported version then it will crash your game when you click register. If there is enough interest in this program I will make an x64 version for 4.3.4(x64) -> bfa private servers (not retail as I don't own it.)

P.S. I don't think there is any protected lua on vanilla but if there is let me know and I'll add it.

couple tests to try (use whatever name you registered in place of "test"
/run test("JumpOrAscendStart()") 
/run test("TargetUnit('player')")
The first will make you jump the second will make you target yourself

Credits to tutrakan for grabbing offsets while Icesythe7 coded to speed up the process!

Example Video

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