Zremax.com (https://zremax.com) is a website for listing World of Warcraft private servers. The server owners can submit their servers for free and include information that will be helpful for the players that are looking for a new server to call home.

Zremax offers a lot of functionalities, including:
- A simple, clean and responsive design.

- Filtering of:
-- Expansion
-- Server-Type
-- Server-features
-- Server description, links.

- Server owner Dashboard.
- Analytics & statistics to the server-owners (lister) such as: page views, unique views, referals and other useful information for the server-owner.
- The server owners can also benefit from more visits, traffic & players.
- Zremax.com also boosts your SEO (Google ranking), so that you get more attention, which also results in more traffic & players.

The website was launched recently and I am extremely happy that we've got servers like Project Ascension, Turtle-WoW and Atlantiss to join us. Now it's your time!

Zremax has made sure to include as many questions as possible to make the process of finding a server quick and easy. The website itself was made to be as simple as possible for the WoW Private Server Player. On the top, you will be able to quickly access some of the most popular categories, such as expansions, server types, features, and so on. Just below it, you will be able to simply filter the servers.

On the single server page players will be able to find a bunch of information about the server they're interested in (eg. realmlist, website, population, etc.). You will also be able to either recommend or not recommend a server and even leave reviews that might be helpful for another person that is interested in this particular server.

The submissions, of course, are moderated to ensure that the site will not be filled with spam. This is still in the early stages and I have plans on improving it as much as possible.

If you have any questions please let me know. You can also join our Discord channel HERE.

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