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Forum Rules

In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

  1. Search before asking!
    The most important rule! The forum has a search function so you can look up if your question has been asked / answered before. Nobody likes to have to repeat him/herself.
  2. Speak English.
    MMOFuse is an English speaking community. Although people who don't have English as their native language are more then welcome, we wan't to keep the forum understandable for everyone.
  3. Stay on-topic.
    Keep topics focussed, posting unrelevant or otherwise diluting posts are not appreciated.
  4. Don't flame.
    Respect other people's opinions. Even if they contradict your own. Also refrain from posting in other user's flaming threads, no good ever comes of it and you are risking punishment. Report the post instead. Flamers can expect severe penalties.
    Making posts with the intention to provoke other people replies in a negative way.
  5. Fueding.
    If you have a problem or arguement with another user, settle it through private messaging, not on the forum.
  6. Make decent topic titles.
    Titles like "OMFG", "everyone read this!", "help me plz" and other cheap ways of trying to get attention are not appreciated. Make usefull and descriptive titles instead that acurately illustrate the topic and content of your thread.
  7. Don't double post.
    Posting multiple consecutive posts in the same topic is unnecessary. Edit your previous post instead.
  8. Don't spam.
    Making multiple topics about the same thing doesn't get you an answer quicker, it will only make you look stupid. If your topic doesn't get a reply, try bumping it instead (but wait atleast 24 hours before doing so).
  9. Don't advertise.
    This forum isn't a channel to advertise your own forum, or your own commercial endeavours. Linking to other private servers isn't tolerated either.
  10. Don't harrass.
    Constantly asking questions or sending messages to Moderators or other users in an excessive way is not tolerated.
  11. Off-site content.
    When linking to other websites and forums to provide your fellow users with information, please quote the message on this forum in addition to providing the link. Only providing the link will be considered as advertising.
  12. Offensive content.
    Don't post links, images, or any other content that might be considered as offensive towards other individuals. Although the moderators are not ethicality nazis, don't push it.
  13. Spread Reputation.
    Give reputation to other members if you like thier posts or any release or any of others project and in return you might also get reputation on your posts and threads. To give reputation simply click the "Reputation" button and follow the instructions.

Follow instructions.
The instructions of the team are to be followed by everyone.
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