Alistar's first ever repack - Presents SunwellCore WOTLK Instant 80 PvP Repack with Crossfaction Battlegrounds

Running on Sunwell Core With Custom Core Modifications For A Better Instant 80 PvP Experience.

Here's some info about the server.

[ChangeLog Highlight]
=== 10/09/2017 ===
Added Eluna to Sunwell Core.

Repack Info:

Fully Working CrossFaction Battlegrounds.
Start with Weapon skills, Riding, Class Spells Learned.

Binary Resistances
Resilience / Spell Pen / Armor Pen - Working
Working Charge / Pet Pathing
Rogue / Warlock / Shaman weapon buffs last 10 days.
Instant Glyph Cast.

Starting Gear:

S7 + T9(Heroic)
PvE Jewelry Item Level: 245

S8 Is obtained throught [Arena Points / Rating].

Max Obtainable PvE Item Level is: 264.

264 PvE Off-Sets Are Obtained through Honor. [Battlegrounds / World PvP]
264 PvE Set / Parts Are Obtained Through [Arena Points / Rating].

Template Npc:
Easy to use, Instant Gear with gems, enchants. Talents + glyphs.

Easy to use NPCs

Multiple vendors Into 1 Simple and Easy to use Vendor.

Arena Spectator

Arena Anti-Draw Dementia

Anti-Draw System only for 2v2 arenas. It starts when you've been in arena for 17 minutes.
It affects you your party member and your enemies.*
Also if you have a pet it will also apply the buff on your pet.

Challenge Arena:

Challenge your enemies to a 1v1 (Skirmish) Arena.

Gurubashi Event:

This is basically the world pvp part of the server.

Every 1 hour the chest will automaticly spawn and World wide announce itself.*
(If you're in Arena or BG you will not recieve the gurubashi annoucement)

These messages are only shown to players outside of Arena. BG is an exception.

Loot is not implemented yet. Still has the default Arena Chest loot.

Honorable kill ranks

Killstreak system

These messages are only shown to players in Gurubashi Arena. Players outside of Gurubashi Arena will not see these messages.

Guild Levels and Guild Housing system


Core/Spell : Fixed Glyph of Pain Suppression (Now Can Be Castable While Trapped)
Fixed WoWned Exploit + Added Logging attempts.
Added fix from AzerothCore server freeze at retrieving character due to instance reset bug.
Fixed missing spell visuals like demonic circle: summon etc.
Modified Death Grip hook speed / velocity.
Added a fix for naked bug.
Added missing visuals for mounts.
Fixed Arena Flush.
Fixed interrupt flag cap on absorb effect.
Added a fix from AzerothCore that fixes Warlock Pet Stats.
Fixed PvP Token.
Fixed Warlock pets not reseting hp / mana after dismount.
Added Rochets Multi Vendor.
Added CFBG.
Added 1v1, 3v3 Solo Queue.
Rogue poisons now last for 10 days.
Implemented Dementia.
Re-Enabled Smourne proc.
Glyphs and Enchants now cast instantly.
Added a fix for this bug from TC -
Added a fix for Melee / Spell Range MPQ Hacks.
Improved Dementia now works for pets.
You can no longer disband the solo queue team.
Added Custom Gurubashi Graveyard Locations.
Added Phased Duels / Duel Reset Script.
Removed Item Durability Loss on Death / Fall Damage / Resurrect.
Implemented World Wide Boss Whispers (Used in Gurubashi Chest Spawn Announcer)
Implemented Gurubashi Arena Chest Spawner with Timer and Announcement.
Added Guild Housing.
Added Guild Leveling System.
Added New Char Creation Announcer.
Disabled AV,Isle,RingofValor,Stand.
Removed having to wait 30 seconds after equipping a trinket with proc ex. (solace) now instanly works after you equip
Added Rochets Transmogrified Vendor.
Added a fix from AzerothCore for Bladewarding enchant.
Added Rochets Object,Creature scaling
Added a fix from AzerothCore Fixed death knight Army of the dead pet damage
Added a fix from AzerothCore pets should now put players in combat unless they are feigned death or shadowmeld.
Added a fix from AzertohCore Core/Command: Fix a crash when using wp show info pathid
Added Killstreak with rewards such as vanilla titles and some items like Flag of Ownership.
//// 09/09/17 ////
Fixed AllowTwoSide.Interaction.Channel.
Disabled General, Trade, LocalDefense, GuildRecruitment channels and left only LookingForGroup.
LookingForGroup is now the global channel.
Implemented OnPlayerChat.
//// 10/09/17 ////
Added Eluna to Sunwell Core.
//// 11/09/17 ////
Now when a player logs in it will be announced to mods,gm,admin accounts.
Global channels no longer lowercased.
//// 18/09/17 ////
Fixed a bug when creating a character it will not show in character select.
Implemented banned_addons
Spell / Druid: Fixed Bug Where Feral charge will share same Diminishing Returns of Entangling Roots
//// 19/09/17 ////
Fixed Spell Reflection not applying Diminishing Returns - Core/Mechanics: Spells casted on self should not be diminished. * elecyb/[email protected] * GitHub
Added and configured CCDelay
TEMPFIX - Fixed a bug where Judgment of Light was healing the target with the Beacon of Light. [3.3.5] Beacon of Light wrong proc with Judgement of Light * Issue #20337 * TrinityCore/TrinityCore * GitHub
//// 22/09/17 ////
Class / Hunter
- Added a fix for freezing trap glyph aura, works properly now.
- Added Buff Npc
//// 24/09/17 ////
- Added Advanced Passive Anticheat.
//// 25/09/17 ////
- Core / Paladin: Fixed a bug where Lay on Hands would heal for full hp while having mortal strike debuff. Now it heals for half.
- Core / Rogue: Cloak of Shadows now Resists instead of Miss
- Core / Rogue: Distract will now interrupt channeling spells.
//// 26/09/17 ////
- Core / DK: Final fix on Death Grip speed.
- Core / Totems: Totems now have Summon / Death animation and summon animation.
- Core / Totems: Modified Totem Size and Distance from caster.
//// 27/09/17 ////
- Core / Items: Solace trinkets proc off everything now.
- Core / Scripts: Added Guild Battles Through Battlegrounds. [Guild Vs Guild fighting in BGs] At the Cost of CrossFaction BGs.
- Core / Scripts: Added Arena Progressive MMR.
- Core / Bug: Fixed a bug where bg rewards wouldn't show up after pressing "H".
//// 28/09/17 ////
- Core / Spells: Implemented dispel reflection - Core/Spell: implemented dispel reflection * TrinityCore/[email protected] * GitHub
- Core / Bug: Fixed a bug where creating a pet with beastmaster won't teach highest spell ranks for pet. Resulting in pet action bars missing spells.
- Core / Pets: Pet now speeds up when far away from owner. [Only out of combat]
- Core / Movement: Reworked Fleeing Movement Generator. No longer blizzlike now fits Tournament environment.
- Core / Spells: Warrior can eat trap now after intervening. Before he couldn't, and the target got trapped even if the warrior intervened.
- Core / Spells: Fixed Hunter trap range. now they activate at the correct tooltip range.
- Core / Scripts: Updated Duel Reset script now removes some pets on duel start: ex: Army of dead, Druid trees, Gargoyle, Shaman Wolves.
//// 29/09/17 ////
- Core / Scripts: Mage table / Warlock Ritual of Souls are now spwaned when joining arena as the mage / lock class.
- Core / Misc: Added Blizzlike Animations to Capture Flag in BG and Gurubashi Chest. -
- Core / Druid: Berserk now clears the cooldown on Mangle (Bear) - Fix from Northcraft.
- Core / Pet: Devour Magic will now purge beneficial magic effect from an enemy.
- Core / Warlock: Improved Healthstone now applies to Ritual of Souls - Fix from Northcraft.
- Core / Hunter: Flare effect/debuff will now apply on cast report - Fix from Northcraft
- Core / Spells: Added Warrior, Shaman Flurry talent scripts.
- Class / Druid: Lifebloom will no longer give mana to caster if the caster is cycloned.
- Class / Rogue: Removed delay from Fan of Knives now aftter casting the spell it deals the damage instantly.
//// 30/09/17 ////
- Class / Hunter: Glyph of Freezing Trap now procs after the duration of Freezing Trap.
- Core / Pet: Pet no longer loses happiness.
- Core / Scripts: Added missing totem spells.
- Core / Spells: Glyph of Healing Stream Totem bonus % corrected. - Fix from Northcraft.
- Core / Shaman: Restorative Totems talent. healing bonus corrected. - Fix from Northcraft.
- Core / Warlock: Drain Mana now clears away any Crowd Control effects such as Hex, Fear, Polymorph, Blind and Seduce.
- Core / Warlock: - Aura Fire Shield and Thorns no longer stack their damage. - Fix from Northcraft.
- Core / Warrior: Intervene can now be used on totems.
//// 01/10/17 ////
- Core / Death Knight: Dancing Rune Weapon has been improved.
- Core / Paladin: Seal of Vengeance damage calculation improved - Fix from Northcraft
- Core / Warlock: Seed of Corruption damage calculation improved - Fix from Northcraft
- Core / Scripts: Fixed Arena Ready Check Crystals not despawning and have been configured to work with .challenge command and 1v1 arenas.

Test Admin Account:
account: q
password: q



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