This is a PTE repack which means that it has Vanilla, TBC, and WOTLK all in one repack. There are 3 different world servers that need to be started but you can simply just start the one you wish to play at that particular time all from one repack.

1.12.1 Vanilla
2.4.3 TBC
3.3.5 Wotlk
vMangos Vanilla(by brotalnia)

This repack supports Windows x64 only.

Package Information
Full Compiled Date: 11-5-2018
Patch Compiled Date: 11-5-2018
Platform: Windows x64
Database: Stand-alone Mysql 5.7.18
Source Code: not Included
Download File Size: 3 GB
Unzipped file size: 9 GB

Database Information:
local host =
user = root
password = root
port = 3306

ScriptDev2, ACID
Events, Quests, Dungeons, Raids: Scripted and Available
Auction House Bot

1) Full Database Reset
2) Database backup (realm, characters, world)
3) Database restore (realm, characters, *world)

Custom files:
There are custom .sql files in the Vanilla and TBC folders that you can run on the respective expansion world database to add vendors with gear and trainers to train all spells and weapon skills.

How to Play:
1) Extract the contents of the zip archive into a directory on your local hard disk --
2) Execute "Start MySQL.bat and Start Apache.bat"
3) Follow the Readme.txt in the provided root directory on how to start the Login server and the World server for each expansion

How to Shutdown the server:
1) In the server (mangosd) console type: "save", hit enter, type "server shutdown 5", hit enter and wait for the console to close on its own (no ""). If you ignore this step you could lose some world\character states
2) Database: ctrl c
3) All other windows can be closed normally

How to Create a New Account method 1:
1. In the server (mangosd) console type: account create NAME PASSWORD x
2. the x represent the expansion pack number (Classic = leave blank, TBC = 1)

How to Create a New Account method 2:
1. Once you have Start Apache.bat running open a web browser and put for the address and create your account.
2. This account will log in to all 3 expansions.


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