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Single Player Project - Classics Collection
A new repack, merged every of my repacks for older expansions of World of Warcraft and added the GIT based auto update system like in Legion repack.

Currently Vanilla, TBC and Cataclysm modules available, but I want to bring back the WoTLK project with NPCBOTs.

Canon started the Patreon page!
David Őri is creating Single Player Project | Patreon

You can import your characters from older Vanilla and TBC repacks!

Basic pack:
- MariaDB 10.1.30
- Batch launcher with many build-in options
- Auto update system
- Some useful tools

Vanilla module:
- Complete Vanilla server, based on cmangos-zero
- Ike3's Playerbots

The Burning Crusade module:
- Complete TBC server, based on cmangos-one
- Ike3's Playerbots

Cataclysm module:
- Complete Cataclysm server, based on GitHub - Ovahlord/TrinityCore: TrinityCore Legacy 4.3.4 Fork with own additions
- Announce login
- Boss Kill Announcer
- Double XP Weekend
- Firework on level 85
- Solocraft
- Starting Guilds
- Starting items (LoginBoA)
- Gain honor for elite mobs and guards
- TimeIsMoneyFriend
- Dungeon checkpoints
- XP for PvP
- Custom Duel reset
- Worgen and Goblin starting area skipper
- Multi client limiter
- Hardcore mode
- Congrats on Level-up
- Money for kills
- Immortal Mode
- Online money reward system (improved TimeIsMoneyFriend)
- PvPScript from AzerothCore (Talamortis)
- LFG SoloMode
- Save On LevelUp
- Force Starting options



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