Battle for Azeroth Source

- Credits to the contributors and originally posted by cooler
- BFACore is based on AshamaneCore. (also from CoreTeam fork)
- Client 8.0.1 (28153) supported

About BFACore:

Core: Last Trinity 8.0.1 merge + all AshamaneCore Last Commits + CoreTeam work

Database: BFADB Test 801.01 & "patch" SmartAI Lab 801.00 ( all zones up to Warlords scripted in SAI)

It is fully based on TrinityCore, with upgrades like :

  •Class Hall Basics (WIP)
  •World Quests
  •Challenge Mode (Mythic+)
  •BFA scripts (WIP)
  •Legion scripts (WIP)
    •Darkheart Thicket
    •Mardum (DH start zone)
    •Emerald Nightmare (1/7)
    •Tomb of Sargeras (1/9)
  •WoD Scripts (WIP)
    •full blizzlike Jungle of Tanaan intro
    •Garrison pre-quests (for both Horde & Alliance)
    •Garrison building activation
    •Bloodmaul Slagmines
    •Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  •Pandaria Scripts
    •all dungeons & world bosses

Database Content :
  •All Vanilla zones spawned
  •All TBC zones spawned
  •All WotLK zones spawned
  •All Cata zones spawned
  •All MoP zones spawned
  •All WoD zones spawned
  •All Legion zones spawned (including Class Halls)
  •All BFA zones spawned
Project NEED YOU!!!

If you wanna help us join Discord and we can add you to developer Team! It's fully Open Source Project!


-- Core GitHub - BFASource/BFACore: BFACore Open Source MMO Framework (master =

-- Database Releases * BFASource/BFACore * GitHub


-- Repack v24.04.2019!GQVHFK6Y!XNbFYLE2Z...XrIM2XIKWQ_Rfg

-- Data for 8.0.1 (28153)!rAlAXCoQ!pc8UwV0H3...jrZ9CiyukU_YzU

-- Launcher for Client 8.0.1 (28153)!iU0kjQCI!LmpdMfQg0...Gt1lKzoLtNYDdM thanks to Arctum team

› See More: [8.0.1] BFACore Battle For Azeroth Repack v25042019 NEW! (build 28153) - Source Included