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Hello, I am releasing my private core called FrostwingCore alot of work has been put into this core since 2015. I just don't have the urge to do it anymore whoever wants to continue or whatever i'm just releasing it. Try it out.

There is only 4 dungeon scripts from WOTLK and 1 raid script from WOTLK I was in process of rescripting the whole game but just decided to give it up, you can use azeorthcore's C++ boss scripts and convert them to FrostwingCore just check Dungeon_UtgardeKeep.cpp in RealmScripts folder and search for dungeon bosses and look for an example.

FrostwingCore based from ArcEmu & Early AscEmu(Our core and theirs are different now)

Major Changes

Overhauled our old Death Knight rune system with a new one. (FrostwingCore Team).
Supports Heroic mode dungeons(FrostwingCore Team).
FULLY Working Dungeon Finder with working party requeue (FrostwingCore Team).
Working RBG finder(AscEmu team).
Most class spells & talents working (FrostwingCore Team)
Working Vehicles (FrostwingCore Team)
New spellhandler system (FrostwingCore Team)
New scripting system based on Trinitycore's events. (FrostwingCore Team)
Condensed Modules into one module called RealmScripts (FrostwingCore Team)
Working heroic difficulty for dungeons. (FrostwingCore Team)
Accurate database information from refactoring (FrostwingCore Team)
ALOT more.


GitHub (core): GitHub - Razfury/FrostwingCore: A World of Warcraft emulator written in C++ that supports patch 3.3.5. Based on ArcEmu using Visual Studio 2013 C++
GitHub (issues): Issues * Razfury/FrostwingIssues * GitHub

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