All Credits to Alistar of Emerald

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Emerald-WoW was a project I started early 2020.
A month after launch I've decided to close it due to the population not meeting my expectations.
So here's the repack of the server. I hope it's useful to you.

[Some Repack Info]:

  • Instant 80.
  • Free S8 / 284 ilvl.
  • Heroic+ dungeons (equivalent to retail Mythic+ with affixes and mob scaling) With Leaderboards.
  • SoloQ / 1v1 Arenas / Rated Battlegrounds.
  • Arena Spectator with Battleground spectator option.
  • Challenge System.
  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds.
  • FFA / PvP Zones.
  • Arena / BG victory chests.
  • Custom PvP System with rewards on honorable kills.
  • Daily Login Rewards.
  • Arena Anti-Draw System.
  • Hourly Chest Events.
  • In-game Twitch / BTTV Emotes.
  • Guild Housing System.
  • Visual Leveling System.
  • Killstreak System.
  • Custom Mounts.
  • Rated Duel System.
  • VIP System.
  • Anticheat System.


Global Mall:

Alliance Mall

Horde Mall

Daily Login Rewards

Custom Chat System (@ for EN, # for ES, $ for FR) / Over 3k Twitch Icons

Rank 1 Player Statues (1v1, Duels, soloQ)

1v1, soloQ, Rated Battlegrounds

PvP / PvE Leaderboards

Boss Announcer with Discord Communication

Arena Reward System

Game Spectator

Battleground End Stats:

Some of the server features (VIDEO):

Test Admin Account:

account: q
password: q



Full Repack:

Custom Patch:

All Credits for the Repack to Alistar of Emerald

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