Dungeon Finder is available.
The Death Knight starting area is working.
The auction house is working.
Vehicles are working.
Quests are working.
World events are working.
Rare boss spawns are available.
Creatures are scripted.
Items are working.
Custom content is functioning.

How to get set-up
Download our repack from the provided link and you will find 2 folders, CORE and _SERVER. You will also need World of Warcraft retail version 3.3.5a US. You can find this with a simple google search. You will also need a small zipped file that comes with our mail repack.

Once you have the retail version, the repack and the small extra zipped file you can proceed with the simple installation.
Extract our repack somewhere on your desktop or into a new folder. Place your retail copy of 3.3.5a US into the same folder. Now your folder should have CORE, _SERVER and your retail folder.

Open up the smaller zipped file and take the GM GENIE folder and add it to your retail wow add-ons folder. This is located in “interface/addons”. Take the MPQ file from the zip file and move it into your retail data folder located in “data”. Now you’re ready to play.

Open the _server folder and run “MySQL.bat”.
Open the core folder and run “authserver.exe”. also run “worldserver.exe”.
These windows may take 1-5 mins to load. When the servers are ready you will hear a beep and your world server window will say ready. Now simply run wow.exe in the retail folder and enjoy.

The first time you run your server you will need to make an admin account for yourself. Do this by opening the worldserver.exe DOS window and typing the following :
“account create NAME PASSWORD”

Change NAME to your account name and PASSWORD to your password. You now have a valid account on the server. To make it an admin account type the following into the worldserver window after account creation :
“account set gmlevel NAME 3 -1” Change NAME to your character name.

More Information and videos

Credits LikwidGaming

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