Hello,.. my name is Sam, I've been making Runescape servers for about 11 years.
SurviveRS is more than just a Survival server, for starters; Surviving is only an aspect in this server.
SurviveRS includes 18+ Bosses, 22+ Skills and 7 Mini-games (So far), we are a brand new server as you can see, we aim to have a substantial economy.
To do this we have made the game, very hard to obtain items, but there are 3 difficulty settings.
To start off you will be offered Survival Tasks (Combat Driven) and Skiller Tasks (Skill Driven), once you take these tasks and complete them you will be given gold, sometimes items and Survival Points, which can be spent in the Survival Store.
You will have to Scavenge items, which can range from food to dragon weaponry, in order to move forward.
Once you are confident enough to take on more enemies you can request Slayer tasks in the home area and also Kill bosses, gain boss tasks,..
We have Skiller pets and Boss pets available!

The server is much much more than the above and I believe this is one of the most unique server's ever thought out.
Hope to see you in game!

- Can You Survive??

*For a limited time, new players will receive a Beta-Tester Icon in game!*



Bottom For Latest*


Changed KBD Tele location.

Readded all bosses.

Added 2 Skiller Tasks.

Added general store.


Added some more tasks

Decreased amount of Undead Spawned

Removed World PvP

Added Caution to Safe feature

Added Mage/Range Undead

Worked more on Zombie Environment and Aggression

Added another Survival Task Achievement based


Added another Skiller task, with option of skipping.

Added next Skiller task (Thieving Stalls).

Refined out some bugs with old content.

Website and Forum update By Ultrixx


Added 6th Skiller task.

Readded God Wars Dungeon.

Changed instanced dungeon death locations.

Readded Slayer Tasks and Store

Readded Boss Slayer Tasks

Readded all World Monster's to compliment Slayer.


Small client update.

Added Survival Store. (Still items to add)

Salve Amulet implimented.

18/11/2017 continued:

Continued work on Salve Amulet.

Added Degradable Salve Amulet.
Added Milestone Messages for Degrading effect.

Added Zombie Halloween Costume set to Survival store
Added Halloween Costume full set effect (Invisible to undead)

Fixed a couple of auto-spawn related bugs.
Fixed Varrock Anvils

Fixed slayer task completion bug + increases point reward.

Added Motivote and Vote Page.

Readded and updated Gpay and Donation page.

Readded Donator store
Readded Vote store


Begun work on difficulty levels.

Added difficulty to starter.

Added bonuses for difficulty, namely;
35% more chance on Hard and and 20% on Medium for Drops.
Added difficulty experience rates, 50x Easy, 25x Medium & 10x Hard.

Begun work on Reroll NPC.

Chosen Vannaka to reroll characters.
You can reroll a character and reselect difficulty.
You will lose all your stats.
It costs 100m to Reroll.

Refined some bugs with reroll npc.

Added Altars to Varrock

Added some dummys to Home Area.

Readded PK Store to Edgeville.

Added Survival Task, Boss Killer.

Added Skiller Task, Gain an Achievement.

Various Small Tweaks.


Bug Fixes.

Removals (items from shops etc)

Added Temporary Beta-Tester Icon for players!


Tweaks for Loyalty Reward, now 1 hr.
Fixed various bugs, donor cave entrance.
Fixed object distance bug.
Tweaked stall rates for thieving.
Added More Scavenging zones.
Added Hard and Medium mode bonus' for Scavenging.
Made some items unsellable to gen store.
Added a idle timer kick.
Added higher level zombies and pvp at Falador.
Tweaked System drop party system and added more items.
Added loads more crates and chests at Falador.
Made some more crates, ladders and doors work.


Fixed a major skill bug.
Fixed Crystal Shield drop rate.
Added Spectre's to slayer tower.
Added more & stronger undead to Falador.
Updated Drop Party System, now drops x2.
Fixed Resource Area, now costs 250k GP.
Fixed Resource Area Rocks.
Added more supplies to store at Skilling Area.
Remove Lava Bones Message (I think).
Added 3 More TopList sites.


Fixed Shop Bug and Bank Bug.
Added Zombies Champion. (Slightly bugged)
Found all Zombie Animations.
Added Zombies Champion to ZombieEnvironment.
Added Zombies Champion's attack styles and animations.
*Need to add drops*


As some of you may know I've been setting up the server for the databases for most of the day and then I spent the rest of the night making the highscore page and players online page and such and after a lot of problems we finally our highscore almost bug free! The personal highscore is a bit unorganized but other than that it's perfect!

Also I fixed cooking on fires.


Today I have spent a bit of time on the highscores, finishing touches etc.

Later on I had finished work on our new Boss, The Zombies Champion, who is situated in random area's located in and around Varrock and Falador.
There are over 30 spawned in the map when the server starts which will change every time the server is restarted.

It is a very challenging boss and would recommend at least 2-3 people.
He can drop rarely, Zombie Costume Pieces, which when the full set is collected can be used to be invisible from Undead.
He also drops a Dragon Warhammer, rarely aswell as a Dragon Scimitar (or) which can be equipped with 1 Attack.
Aswell as dropping various other goodies! Check ::drops zombies champion

I have made all Undead a little tougher, making them hit more often.
I also fixed some odd little minor bugs.


Saving Skiller Tasks Active Task Progress
Zombies Champion's multi damage hit too long range
Player Graves overlapping, the newest grave will now destroy the old
Monsters will now detect and move off of Graves
Energy Restores upon Death now
Mystery Boxes have been updated with more items
Zombies Champion Boss no longer spawns in the "lower lvl" areas of Varrock

I have spent most of the day today figuring out how to get the day and night system started.
I have now got all the client side down to be able to test the day time brightness / night time darkness.

Tomorrow I will be finishing all the server side code, timing around 4 day times in 1 24 hour period, with the mini-map being blocked out when night time.
Also player made Fire's will provide a small safe area.

Safe Area's will increase the brightness whilst you are inside them.

There is still more to the above,

Thanks for reading.

- Sam.


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