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  1. Win every Pet Battle by becoming immune to all attacks indefinitely!

    Blizzcon 2019 gift pet is Gilvanas. It has a new pet ability, Raise Dead, that I don't think Blizz fully thought through and likely will be fixing this soon, so use it while you can!

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    an old contribution by Rochet2 but I think it...

    an old contribution by Rochet2 but I think it still works

    Edit the sent game time and speed:

  3. SPP L2 Repack - Lineage 2 Helios Server Repack and Lineage Client

    It's a server repack for Lineage 2 - Helios expansion.
    This repack based on L2JMobius.
    Special Thanks to conan from SPP for his contribution.

    How to use it:
    1. Download the repack and extract...
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    oGasai Déjà Vu - WoW Vanilla/TBC Bot



    Standard Fishing (not moving)
    Pool Fishing (Follows path searching for pools, supports mounts)

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    Cataclysm Private Server | WoWMortal


    Hello everyone,
    WoWMortal is a wow private server which consist of 1 realm with cataclysm expansion. So if you are searching...
  6. [WoW Classic] Item Dupe - Skin Manipulation - Potential for more

    The simplest explanation of this exploit is that when you skin a mob, you have a friend (or 2nd account) also skin that mob. With autoloot off, you are both able to see and gather the loot, and the...
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    [WoW Classic] Class color chat

    Maybe this can be done with some addon, yet to find one that allows it.

    /console set chatclasscoloroverride "0"

    Will give the chat class colors when people talk in it.
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    [Other Emulator] WoW RealmList Changer

    WoW RealmList Changer

    Open Source: GitHub - SuperDevRealm/WoWRealmListChanger: World of Warcraft Realmlist Changer

    Download Release: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/WoW...anger/releases
  9. Get your transmogs/heirlooms from Banned Account

    With the new GDPR Data Request : Blizzard Login

    Just put a request and wait (10min for me).
    All characters on your account will be connected even on your banned account.
    I get all my...
  10. [TrinityCore] WoW Battle Royale Script (TrinityCore 3.3.5a - with Trailer!)


    Without further adieu,
  11. [ManGOS] Light's Hope 1.12 Repack - Including MMaps and Optional Vendors - mangosd


    The Ultimate Vanilla Repack

    This as a complete repack of the open source Light's Hope emulator, with all of its features, including movement maps, anti-cheat...
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    50 Cool World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks

    50 WoW Tips and Tricks

    1. Twiddle Twirler toy (darkshore warfront drop from sapper odette and/or Commander Ra'vesh) cancels fall damage.
    2. Shard of Archstone on hollow base creates an...
  13. Farming instances for gold while not logged in on multiple clients

    1) This works in Hellfire Ramparts: Aggro Mobs on the top tier of the instance and they run back through the instance pulling everything. You can do this on multiple characters on the SAME account...
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    [Horde] 50g+ Per Hour grind

    There is a repeatable quest in Shadowprey Village in Desolace named Fish in a Bucket. You simply need to swim around the water off the coast of the Village and loot the Shellfish Traps to obtain...
  15. [WoW Classic] Warrior: keep enrage up by getting crit

    If you get crit from sitting it normally won’t count as a “natural” crit and thus won’t trigger enrage. However, if you stand up before the batch finishes it somehow tricks blizzard into thinking you...
  16. Gain access to Communities and x-realm chat in Classic WOW

    Quite simple actually...

    Press "O" on the keyboard to bring up your social window. It will be under the "Groups Tab"

    Now, anyone can do this, but the problem is you are unable to link...
  17. Small Fisher - fish bot | fishing in World of Warcraft. Free

    Small Fisher


    Created By: Crazybytelab

    - Intro -
  18. Easy Eye of the Storm Domination - Get 4-caps after game has ended

    Tested today in Eye of the Storm - Win a game with 3 flags and stand on the 4th (I stayed there as a druid and unstealthed before the game ended). Once the game has ended, stay in the match and watch...
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    jMorph - tMorph Morpher Recreated | WoW Morpher

    Updated for patch - Download



    Updated for WoW version
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    [TrinityCore] Item Upgrade Script

    The script enables an NPC to upgrade items the user have equipped (for now at least) through gossip. An success rate can be set to the upgrade process. The up-gradable item will not be...
  21. How to get on GM Island in 8.1.5 - Tutorial BFA | the last visit

    Finally the tutorial for the final method ! ( with some clips from the raid )

    As shown on the tutorial, it is working only with Alliance, not with Horde, but... In the Alliance the only race that...
  22. How-to beat the harderst Arcane pylon in the Coldlight cavern ~(61 23)

    For the Trove tracker Trove Tracker - Achievement - World of Warcraft achi.

    Here are the times and buttons - use these in you auto-clicker software.

    w:wait time in miliseconds and the 1,2,3...
  23. world of warcraft patch 8.2 rise of azshara overwiew

    World of Warcraft - PATCH 8.2 RISE OF AZSHARA OVERVIEW

    Jul 06, 2019

    We will provide you with information about World of Warcraft Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara in Battle for Azeroth (BFA). Main...
  24. [TrinityCore] Last rev (PhasedDueling&Command Duel watching)

    This script will phase out duel participants in a pvp style server so that there is no chance of ganking and other players with command list : .duel view & .duel leave can enter in duel phase or...
  25. [WoW Classic] Wall Jumping to the top of Orgrimmar mountains and roofs

    [WoW Classic] Video of Exploit - Wall Jumping to the top of Orgrimmar mountains and roofs

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