JH12 Designs

Hello everyone, JH12 is both, a degreed & passionate graphic designer who also happens to be an interior designer as well.

I am here to showcase some of his work as a favor for him and perhaps exhibit some of his available services he is able & willing to provide to some of you who are looking for it.

He has designed logos, banners, videos, full website themes (including FusionCMS), mobile application themes, profile pictures and more.. (PM for any other inquiries and I will let you know if it is within my scope of work)
You may request designs or direct your inquiries about JH12 Designs by contacting him through discord.

The preferable payment method is PayPal

Feel free to checkout some of his work on this portfolio link: https://www.deviantart.com/47souls

You can also join his discord server & request work live by clicking below:

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