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    BackSRO | Cap 100 | CH | Drop&Unique System | Free Silk | LMS & Survival | G.O: 25/01/2019

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    Introduction about BackSRO

    Dear members of MMOPro, 100 CAP CH based on NEFEROYUN's affiliation are simple and hassle-free. It is designed to provide stable operation. This project, which is prepared for the players who like the old order, is presented to our players with various innovations.

    ⚫️Cap & Mastery

    Back Online will be Cap 100 with a 330 Mastery Limit.

    ⚫️ Race

    In Back Online, only the Chinese race will be available.

    ⚫️ Main Town

    Back Online's main town will be Donwhang.

    ⚫️ Available Fortress

    Hotan Sunday at 20:00 Server Time.

    ⚫️ PC Limits

    PC limit is 1

    ⚫️ Guild & Union limits

    Guild you can join up to 24 members to your guild.
    Union Limit is 3. This makes the game-play much more competitive.

    ⚫️ Start Items

    We focus on helping players on having a smooth start with the necessary items you need to have a pleasant plvling experience and enjoy it. Here in BackSRO you will get the following items as a starter items to help you out at the G.O.:

    ⚫️ Max Plus

    The maximum plus on Back Online is +12 (with +2 ADV).

    ⚫️ Rates

    Here is a closer look at the rates on BackSRO.

    Exp: 50x

    Exp (Party): 55x

    Drop: 5x

    Gold Drop: 3x

    Alchemy: HARD

    ⚫️ NPC ITEM’s

    On Back Online, you will be able to get +5 Full Blue items in NPC.

    ⚫️ Skill Balance


    - Force Cure and Cure Therapy series were linked. Re-use times are increased to 25 seconds and one debuff can be deleted.
    - Heal Series series are interlinked. Re-use times increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.
    - Vital Spot Spirit and Vital Spot Muscle re-use times increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
    - Vital Spot Body, Vital Spot Mind and Vital Spot Brain skills re-use times were reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.
    - Possibilities of holding buffs were reduced from 80% to 45%. It will take 20 seconds when you hold it. (Reuse time 12 seconds.)
    - Vital Spot Zero (Impotent) retains the ability to hold skills to 45% and the effect on your hold will last for 15 seconds. (Reuse time 20 seconds.)


    - Imbue and nukes the amount of damage was increased and brought closer to those in the lighting group.)
    - Cold Wall skills have been brought to 30 seconds re-use time.
    - Snow Shield closed to STR


    - Revised Fire Shield skills. (Poisoning, resistance to poisoning such as burning icing)
    - Fire Wall skills have been brought to 30 seconds re-use time.


    - Arrow combo series added a shared cooldown of 6 seconds.


    This is a completely fair event that will balance things our not like survival arena where INTs can be a bit overpowered. It is basically trying to stay alive until you are the last man standing inside the area so play it smart since it can be all about strategy.

    Reward: 10 TL.

    Survival Arena allows you to stay within 15 minutes between 18.00 - 21.00 - 01.00.
    The Web Site and in-game Honor Rank table were created in the top 50 rank rankings.

    1-5 : King, Gold, Silver and Bronze
    5-15 : Gold, Silver and Bronze
    15-35 : Silver and Bronze
    35-50 : Bronze
    You get 24 Hours!
    The Honor Rank is reset every week on Tuesday, and the Honor King rank is awarded to the first 5 and the 10tl site balance is awarded to the 1st.

    It appears in a private room.
    Entry Level : 100
    Spawn: 4 Hours
    Drop: 5x Lucky Powder(1st) , 3x Sabakun, 8x Uniq Box, 1x King Title , 2x Adv Pro

    90+ Mobs. The drop rate is adjusted to approximately 3 drops per day.

    90+ Mobs. The drop rate is adjusted to approximately 1 drops per day.

    ⚫️ Extra Slots:
    98-99 mob slots were prepared for Samarkand and Alexandria.

    Medusa has its own private room. You can teleport from the Downhang area.
    Spawn: Everyday at 00:00 Server Time
    Drop: 5x Uniq Box, 5x Lucky Powder(1st) , 1x %100 Sun weapon, 1x Adv Weapon, 3x Sabakun

    100 cap in a suitable way hp, mp, damage has been set as original access to his room and you can reach Roc

    Roc has its own private room. You can take the key from the Dress NPC in Downhang.
    Spawn: Everyday at 20:00 Server Time
    Drop: Uniq Box, Sabakun, Lucky Powder(1st), Roc Killer Tittle and 10TL

    Buy: 300m Sale : 1.2B

    We added to Togui Area.
    PhBOT is Disabled.

    Job Temple Unique’s:
    Entry: Downhang Teleport
    Spawn: Follow Event Schedule
    Drop: 3x Unique Box, 3x Sabakun, 3x Lucky Powder (1st), 1x Sun Necklace(Sun necklace disabled ), 1x Adv acc

    ---Tiger Girl spawn points were added 1 STR and INT unique. In the game, the drop falls off the SUN NECKLACE

    01:00 Survival
    02:00 Selket/Neith
    03:00 LMS
    04:30 Battle Arena (Random)
    05:30 Battle Arena (Random)
    06:00 Anubis/Isis
    12:00 Selket/Neith
    13:30 Battle Arena (Party)
    14:00 LMS
    15:30 Battle Arena (Party)
    16:00 Medusa
    17:30 Battle Arena (Party)
    18:00 Survival
    19:00 Anubis/Isis
    19:30 Battle Arena (Party)
    20:00 Roc
    20:30 Battle Arena (Job)
    21:00 Survival
    21:30 LMS
    22:00 Selket/Neith
    22:30 Battle Arena (Guild)
    23:00 Anubis/Isis

    › See More: BackSRO | Cap 100 | CH | Drop&Unique System | Free Silk | LMS & Survival | G.O: 25/12019
    Last edited by backonline; 24-01-19 at 09:51 PM.

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