Rakkion is from gamers to gamers game. Which you can play with no donations at all and still ranking up like everybody else. In Rakkion you will find the peace and entertaining, because this was and still our first goal. The rule was simple, remove what they hate and add why they love.

We have started developing this game 6 years ago with 1 goal, making it "a game" not a school, so simply in Rakkion you will not have to learn anything new, you will just use your experience. There're like hundreds of the new features but that dose not affect the Vanilla style at all, not to mention that we have fixed bugs you did not even know that it can be fix.

Insane Power
We all hate lag moments, or even those small spikes, this is why we have choosed to deal with OVH. We're running 2 of their biggest machines ever, to make sure the game run as smooth as possible with 3,000 Players base.

Why you should play Rakkion?
Rakkion is by far the most advanced - but enjoyable - Silkroad private server experience ever created to date - and I'm sure you will agree with me once you give it a try for yourself! Rakkion is based on a concept that we have been working on, as a team, for over 6 years. We was in no rush whatsoever to release it. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect in nature, and unlike the mass of other servers; ensure no bugs to take away from the user experience. Not only a bugless server, but also a fair haven for donators and non-donators, active or inactive players... whatever types of players exist, they will have a fair chance to compete on Rakkion. The system is adapted from the core to the smallest parts onwards to ensure that your experience is a legendary, once in a lifetime experience, and to change your view on Private Silkroad Online servers... forever.

Official Trailer Reworked

What Rakkion offers?
- Stability and Performance
- Lifetime server, where u can build your character and enjoy using it for years
- Monthly update with new features and maintains
- 700+ New Original avatars already
- 50+ New Original Pets
- 100+ New Featured Scroll
- Fully fixed features like (Mobs locations, Puri Pill, Limits, Delays, Areas Notices, more ...)
- Friendly Moderators (for all the langauges)
- Fair and not only fair, balanced game play (Pay ZERO and be HERO) mode ON

We can not share everything, but here are the basics

In Rakkion we have make sure that the chances are equal to all the roles, in other words "All the roles needed"

Alchemy: Alchemy in Rakkion can make you rich, because the materials are cheap and available, simply the normal items worth a lot, so all you have to do is collect and fuse and sell.

Jobing: Job system in Rakkion is simple as always, 300% gain, so you simply pay 98m in order to gain 294m, for thieves it's still fair since they will gain 75m of the trade price. Why trading is important? Simply because the first payment method in-game is Gold, we have added a lot of features for gold also awesome items for gold, to make sure gold worth a lot.

Uniques Hunting: As a unique hunter, you can dominate in Rakkion, because simply every specific unique have a specific reward of silk, instant charge. Also medusa drop extra special items.

Battle Arena Lovers: As a fighter, you just want to knock down people, this is all what u want, in Rakkion we have setup some fantastic needed items for Arena Coins, so now Battle Arena worth a lot. We also designed the battle arena to be more fair and smart.

Fortress War Lovers: We have re-designed all the FW features to make sure it's more fair and balance and also smart, you will be surprised.


Events Lovers: Last but not least, Events lovers, will we did not forget you, we will stream a live Event every time to time, for special rewards, that you need.

Colored Titles Lovers: Some of us love colored titles, some of us are not. So in Rakkion we will make everyone loving it, how is that? we have setup a special color for every single case

Dominator for the one has won the PVP & Unique Events.
PVP Master for the one has won the PVP Master Event.
Unique Master for the one has won the Unique Master Event.
Streamer for streamers
Moderator for moderators
Event Manager for event manager

For the Events titles (Dominator, PVP Master, Unique Master) can only be obtained by 1 person in the same time. So you will never see a spam of titles colores or so, in total you will have 3 members in the whole game.

Lock System!

You can now lock your character, by typing !lock 4-digit numbers
To unlock all you have to do is type: !unlock 4-digit numbers

!lock 4444
!unlock 4444

Items Resources

There're two types of items in Rakkion,
Normal and Legend items.
Normal items can be obtain from drops and NPCs.
For Legend we have splitted it for you to make sure every single role is needed and active.

Legend Weapons: can only be obtain by FGW (Talisman collection)
Legend Accessories: can only be obtain by Arena Manager NPC
Legend Equipment and Shield: can only be obtain by mobs drops

All the items are locked and can be sold for 1 gold
All the buffs are locked for 7 days
- 5,000 HP buff
- 5,000 MP buff
- Speed 100% buff
- 9,999 HP Potions
- 9,999 MP Potions
- 9,999 Pill Potions
- 50 Special Return Scroll
- Monkey Grap Pet 7 days
- 11 Reverse Return Scroll
- 11 Resurrection Scroll


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Sunshine update (17.10.2020)

Sunbeam Update (21.10.2020)

Warzone update (28.10.2020)

Vanilla update (4.11.2020)


First 100 players reach Lv.100 will be instant rewarded with Silk
Top 1 (1,000 Silk)
Top 2 to 10 (500 Silk)
Top 11 to 30 (400 Silk)
Top 31 to 50 (300 Silk)
Top 51 to 75 (200 Silk)
Top 76 to 100 (100 Silk)

Support us by using our signature, 10x lucky players will receive 300 Silk. All you need to do is use Rakkion signature and comment your character name on our topic, in case your grant name is taken remember to update your comment. Rewards will be given 3 days after the grand opening.


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