A while ago, noticed some Mangos servers allowed for levels 81-255. Figured well, they allow it, so wheres all the items? SOOOOOOOOO with a little bit of LibertyBasic coding experience, i was able to make 1.4 million completely randomly named, random damage/defense, randomize level requirement (base is at 81 max is 255) items for the database.
Snippet of the code here (Not shy Ill share my proof ):

Version of Mangos I'm using is. MANGOS/0.17.0-DEV Revision 10155 (Scriptdev 9832+) (Hope that helps, still new to this myself) Clients are the 3.3.5a (12345) patch i believe. So heads up, if you got a different version. Could be issues importing. The mod I'm using is

Now, heads up, theres a glitch.

Mangos is gonna error. Not doubt about it. However its not a critical error. Its a "Hey wait a minute, these weren't here a second ago" errors. They will load, just gotta watch a lot of errors before the server loads. And its a wait if you insert these. The server I made them for takes close to 20 mins to load up all these extra items, and thats only gonna get worse once i make the second wave of items.
Heres a quick example of what I'm talking about:
This will go on for like 20 some minutes cuz they are all new items not recognized by the original server.

I will be making the programs available for everyone once i repack it up and setup an all in one front end for it. Keep in mind these are the "junk drops" if it were. They could be green, blue, or even purple but only with base stats. The next 1.4 million i make will have the sockets, effects, stat extras etc.

I've included some screenies to show off the items.

Once I'm done with this section, there will be another posting for another million items, those will have the extra stats, sockets, bonuses, etc.
For now, just be happy someones actually on to something, and heads up, it unpacks to like 3 gigs worth of an item database when fully imported. I personally use HeidiSQL, you might use something else. I found as well in HeidiSQL, that i had to cut the lists in half to import properly. So I recommend only trying to insert 50,000 max at a time.

Why did I make these? Cuz theres a server online that recently changed its name to hide bad press for shafting paying customers (No I'm not gonna bash them anymore they are already on the rip off report) that's wasted 2 level 80's i worked for (One was literally hacked in mid game and they still refuse to answer why). I knew that I could do it better if I could only get the bot to produce the coding for me. Which it has, and I was right about Took me around a year to come up with this method and make it work in the way i needed it to. Hopefully someone else here can find this useful to their setups. Happy gaming!

Will even add here, they are SO random even I don't know whats all in there. But it does open up the Diablo 2 scenario where you and your bud could have the same item only one was better than the other one. Its totally possible with this.

credits n2kmaster

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