Please Read Notes before downloading this.
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Hello guys, well today i got something really special and cool for people that want to make dungeons pretty fast but also very well made.

So as first i should thank Rochet2 & Tok124 for the help in making this query to work than i would share with you the download Link.
Credits :


File Type : SQL


  • Go ingame and enter the dungeon you want to make and type .GPS ( you need the MAP ID ).
  • The Exp of the Query was made for the Nexus.
  • Better to use Notepad++ to make your changes default = Orange Colors can be changed.
  • Make sure you make custom ItemLevel for your items if you want them to be looted as mine is 4000.
  • Me and Rochet2 Aren't RESPONSIBLE on what will happen to your Database.
  • Please Before inserting this save a backup.
  • Please if you didn't understand something to contact me via skype : Mohamedss98.
  • Please say thanks to Rochet2 & Tok124

Enjoy and be careful -- ALWAYS SAVE BACKUPS --

This SQL's will do the following things :

  • First use the Bosses Finder to get the dungeon Bosses ID's for late use.
  • Original Loot will be deleted.
  • Mobs Health, Damage, Mana, Level etc... will be Modified the way you want.
  • Bosses will have their own changes for Health, Damage, Mana, Level etc... will be Modified the way you want too.
  • You got the option to add a loot for all mobs and bosses in the dungeon.
  • You can add a lot of items in the loot depends on the items custom itemlevel -- Read Notes.

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Here is a simple description about boss finder query

First of all, You need the MapID of the instance. As JadaDev already said you get the mapID by going inside the instance and do .gps
Then you also need to know how many bosses there are in the instance.

The query is made for instances with 4 bosses by default. But if your instance have 5 bosses you need to change


And no need to explain where to put your mapid. Its self-explanatory

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