Hi community,

MetaGame aims to make the metaverse a regenerative space by putting together human coordination technologies and knowledge from both digital and physical worlds. We use a gamified approach for facilitating adoption. The aim is to massively onboard 1 million people into cyber-physical coordination games and unlock worldwide shared prosperity.

We have three main products atm, which are building blocks, but we need to design and code many more to make it a true game:
1. https://my.metagame.wtf/players (profiles)
2. MetaMenu: https://github.com/MetaFam/TheGame/issues/641 (a dashboard)
3. MetaSys. The most advanced accounting contribution system there is in Web3 (Way of earning XP and turning it into money).

Check a presentation here: https://t.co/iyQjS5BA9C?amp=1

I would be happy to have ppl from this community onboard! Senior devs are earning between 5,000 to 10,000 USD a month. Similar rewards a Tech PM gets.

Please reach out to me directly in Discord HBesso31🐙#4560

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