StakeCube Acquires

This week
on October 25th, 2022 StakeCube has acquired the website! You might be familiar with it, as many coins relied on it as their blockchain explorer. Acquiring Coinexplorer offers Stakecube a multitude of possibilities, as it will be able to connect all of StakeCube’s listed coins, effectively providing them with a new blockchain explorer. But that’s not all; with Coinexplorer the StakeCube users will get a well know interface they can use to follow their transactions, view charts and all sorts of stats from within but also outside of StakeCube. Meanwhile developers will be able to make use of its amazing API interface.
While StakeCube has acquired Coinexplorer, Stakecube intends to preserve its current domain and brand.

This was the official announcement from the Coinexplorer team:

Quote Originally Posted by Coinexplorer
“Hi everyone,
You probably noticed that a fair amount of coins in the explorer are out of sync. We are sorry about that.
Some of the servers where the wallet daemons were running were crushed, and it took us a bit to realize it.

About bringing it back to life. Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary time to keep taking good care of CoinExplorer as we used to, and that’s why we are glad to tell you that we decided to pass it on to our friends at StakeCube. They will from now on host and own
This will be a process that will take us several weeks, and please excuse us for the downtime, but be ensured that all will be working smoothly as before, or even better ”

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