Hi all, my name is Maxime (Althurius).

Here my private facebook page, www.facebook.com/mxzgamings
All the info on me and my stream are in this page.

Iím here to offer you some real crazy help. Iím community moderator of Mmopro.org.
I want to help you to make some good server. So, Iím starting to make Private wow server for all who want one. Easy and simple.

Repack I got:

  • 1.12.1 Blizzlike with or without bot.

  • 2.4.3 Blizzlike with or without bot.

  • 3.3.5 Blizzlike with ton of features and no bot.

  • 4.3.4 Blizzlike with all raids and dungeons. Also with more then 900 quest scripts and NPC bots added to help your players to quest and more.

All repacks are all the best available.

The cost will depend on the number of players you will need.
All packages comes with BlizzCms the best wow private server cms.

Here the packages and price:

Small Public Friendly Server:
1: Vps for 50 Players, + Version you want + website + 5$ Domaine Name = 40$USD

Public Friendly Server:
1: Vps for 100 Players, + Version you want + website + 10$ Domaine Name = 50$USD
2: Vps for 300 Players, + Version you want + website + 10$ Domaine Name = 70$USD
3: Vps for 500 Players, + Version you want + website + 10$ Domaine Name = 90$USD

All server are host in Europe (France) by a company that I'm partner.

For Additional stuff:

  • - Launcher From wowsuite launcher, All config, setup and come with the license: 80$ USD
  • - Fusion CMS with some crazy private theme made by zafire and Ehsan Zare come with the license: 50$ USD


All server come with Cloudflare protection in attack mode, a database protection exclud from the internet, port forwarding, everything is made on windows server 2012 with licensing no cracked version.
I use the firewall to make sure that only the needed port are open, no default password and everything is private on you and me.

All the config is done by me only, password and user are giving to you at the end. And I will help and show you how to change the credential, just to be sure that all is yours.

I give you the email account that I use to make everything.

BUT!!!! After the creation you got only two days to ask for a change after that is 5$ by modifications.

I can refund you if you dont like the server.

I guaranty quality of Server.

Discord: Althurius#6266

oO Quality, Professional and Passion Oo

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