Skyreach is one of the best dungeons in the game for raw gold. The following tricks make it THE best:

1) Load up two different clients and switch immediately after entering the dungeon to save up to 37 seconds of your
time by bypassing Reshad's roleplay.

2) On the stairwell between the second and third bosses use a target reticle or pet attack to kill the whirling dervish
mob immediately above you. This cancels the time-consuming windwall significantly speeding up the run.

These methods knock 20-25% off your run time. You can get roughly 4400 gold per lockout run in as little as 20 minutes or so
which is the fastest way to make raw gold in game.

(There are ways to make more gold, for example gathering is pretty rewarding right now, but my viewers have
persistently made it clear they prefer raw gold farms over everything else).

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